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Dominick Snag

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  1. Dominick Snag

    [SERVER EVENT] TRIO WARS! [$10,000,000 Prize Pool]

    Team name: DayBreakTeam member 1: Jack Snag 76561198271897764Team member 2: DIMITRI WOLF 76561198104844499 Team member 3 :Hunter 76561198055408965By applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up.
  2. Dominick Snag

    Dominick Snag - NCO

    General Information: Name: Dominick Snag Age: 18 Date of Birth: 2/25/2002 Timezone: EST Applicant Questions: What is your past experience with a leadership role, either IRL, in the KCSO/USCG or elsewhere: I contain good leadership skills in the past I play a lot of SQUAD and i always take a leadership role in SQUAD and I always go for commander and will take the team to a victory and good at making plans and if the plan fails we always have a back up plan to take action Why do you want to become a non-commissioned officer: I feel like I can take control of a stressful situation I also was in other mil sims in squad. What skills do you possess that would make you an effective non-commissioned officer: The skills that I will bring to the table is that I have good leader ship skills I am also good at handling stressful situation I always think ahead, I always think and have a back up plan even if the plan falls through. I can lead a big team. How long have you been part of ANZUS, have you ever been banned or warned: I have been apart of the anzus for a year I have had 1 ban and that was because I did something dumb. Why should we pick you over others: I think that you should pick me over others because I have good leadership skills that i can bring to the table and have experience from other mil sims that I have been in. I am good at take control of a big squads and little, and always try to find ways on bettering my leadership skills I never stop trying to better myself and if I have a squad I will never stop finding ways to make them better.
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