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  1. Ethan Locke

    Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

    Imagine waiting 3 weeks and your uniform wasn't added while someone who applied 3 days ago got his...
  2. Ethan Locke

    Safezones at legal locations

    Trucks can still be robbed outside of processing and the trader etc. This wont change much and it will still be tense. I like the idea of having at least 1 safe way of making money, maybe lower the profit a bit but honestly you get like 60k from a jewel-run so it aint worth it for most players. There must be one job you can do without kids shooting and robbing you. Most people refuse to RP so this, sadly, is the best solution.
  3. Ethan Locke

    Ethan Locke - Comp Request

    I'm a dumb f*ck. Just realized I had 200k+ worth of cars in the impound lot. This request is no longer valid.
  4. Ethan Locke

    Ethan Locke - Comp Request

    Name: Ethan Locke Steam64ID: 76561198088989737 Date of Incident: 25-07-19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 01:30 Amount your claiming: Alfa Romeo, the one that does over 300kmph Description of situation: I just checked my garage to retrieve my insured vehicle and it was gone. I am sure I haven't sold it and it shouldn't disappear if its insured. Evidence: There should be logs or something that keep track of vehicle selling? It's hard for me to prove this as I have no clue when or how it happened. I have owned an Alfa Romeo from day 1, insured and all.
  5. Ethan Locke

    Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

    Application Template: Gang Name: Varangian Guard Recruitment Thread: Gang Leader: Ethan Locke Gang Leader Discord: Bamboo#8596 Do you have a uniform available: Yes, now we do have one available! https://imgur.com/a/zofNL3D List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): Member 1: Caleb Fazio (76561198119690537) Member 2: Ethan Locke (76561198088989737) Member 3: Todd Parker (76561198101524444) Member 4: Post Cologne (76561198135992396) Member 5: Fufu Abbey ( 76561198093544176) Member 6: Matt Biggs (76561197994708644) Member 7: Lucas Makarov (76561198086938877) Member 8: Gabe Mascov (76561198392460945)
  6. Ethan Locke

    Varangian Guard - Gang Application

    Group Name: Varangian Guard Category (Gang or Company): Company (Defense League) Group's Founder (You can only have one founder): Ethan Locke Group's members: @Caleb Fazio, @Todd Parker, @Post Cologne, @FuFu Abbey, @Matt Biggs, @Lucas Makrov, @Gabe Mascov Roleplay backstory of the group: We are the decendants of the Byzanite Emperors personal guard. The Varangian Guard has come to Kamdan to protect the innocent citizens and defend Kamdan from terror. The massive crime wave Kamdan has experienced is out of control and the Varangian Guard will act as a defense league to protect any legal workers. We are actively recruiting anyone who can hold a weapon and believe in justice. We have no strict hierarchy, we work as one. What we can expect to see from you on Kamdan: Defending the innocent, legal workerrs of Kamdan. Working as a collective to bring peace to processing, traders and mines.
  7. Ethan Locke

    Tool for robbing people

    Well if the car had the engine tuned and all parts repaired first. The nitro will not hinder a mugging but PMC’s could be used for protection. It’s a good idea, I like it. The teabag would then be used to spice things up, but IDK, mugging people requires at least 2 bananas...
  8. Ethan Locke

    Burglary Suggestions

    Help with what?
  9. Ethan Locke

    Burglary Suggestions

    How does it make it easier? It makes it possible to do all burglaries silent with enough time and patience. More realistic. As of now 2-3 people can easily hit up 3 homes at the time and just shoot the cops but that is irrelevant. Most burgulars act alone irl. I make these suggestions to enhance RP and realism. Would be great if not all interactions ended up in shootouts. Maybe some people should stick to CoD, but who am I to judge?
  10. Ethan Locke

    Tool for robbing people

    Make it a hassle to rob people, take more time and effort basically. Risk vs reward atm is 0 - 10. Muggings at this rate we have now is highly unrealistic and doesn’t provide a good experience for anyone involved. We might as well rename the server Mugging RP because that’s how it is atm. Changing this about the server would lead to interesting interactions and create a much better RP environment for everyone.
  11. Ethan Locke

    Burglary Suggestions

    What more do I want? What do you mean? Why are you trolling?
  12. Ethan Locke

    Tool for robbing people

    What I meant is you need a drill in your hands to mine, it was just an example. I don’t understand what you wrote either, but it seems like you miss the point.
  13. Ethan Locke

    Tool for robbing people

    Add a tool used for robbing people. Like the drill for example, it has to be in your hands to rob someone. Robbing people has become this toxic thing EVERYBODY does to EVERYONE. It is extremely unrealistic and frustrating for all players. Muggings is something low life criminals does in real life, at least the sort we see in Kamdan. For big gangs of 4+ with automatic rifles, muggings should be extraneous. In the long run this would be a good change for the community, allowing new players and solo's to get established but also removes the toxic aura from the server. At the moment you can't trust anyone and it leads to 80% of the interactions being hostile ending up in a shootout. Muggings are hardly rewarding too and often gives little to no reward unless you're camping a trader/dealer. This tool would be bought from somewhere, maybe the burglary store, and equipped in your main hand inventory slot. Use it on a player and it takes 15-30 sec to pat them down and fully rob them of their items. This would also require every mugger to have a companion so it would completely eliminate 1v1 muggings.
  14. Ethan Locke

    Burglary Suggestions

    Add an option, if possible, to disable the alarm before breaking into a house. Disabling the alarm takes 5 minutes and has a 15% chance of raising the alarm. Remove the heat cooldown of 8 minutes unless you've set off an alarm in the past 10-15 minutes. This would make burglarizing homes much more realistic and exciting. Being able to go from home to home burglarizing them without it being too OP and taking more time.
  15. Ethan Locke

    Ethan Locke - Comp Request

    Name: Ethan Locke Steam64ID: 76561198088989737 Date of Incident: 20/07-19 Time of Incident (LA Time): Around 10:40 am? Amount your claiming: $38,000 Description of situation: I was robbing houses when suddenly, my car blew up. Then someone bombed the shit out of me and sent me flying! I lost items because the sync I attempted in the chaos failed, appearantly. Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d335c70d17fa99287/evidence
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