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  1. Luke Luerger

    Boris Sullivan's Weapons

    You're so asinine it's preposterous, explains why Green Machines turned out the way they did!
  2. Luke Luerger

    Boris Sullivan's Weapons

    If I was buying 1 I would pay 35. When someone buys bulk you give a discount, incase you didn’t know how that worked. And saying “i’ll be paying” is a ignorant response as i’m not going to be buying anything from you after this little chat.
  3. Luke Luerger

    Staff Application - Luke Luerger

    Personal Details In-game name: Luke Luerger Age: 16 Steam 64 ID: 76561198882412513 Timezone/Region: MST USA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: About 2-3 months. Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): Yes, for NVL. I was dropping one item at a time instead of all at once when asked "drop your clothes." What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): My motivations for why I would like to be apart of the Staff team is, I have been apart of the community for a while and would like to move up. Staff has always been a fun position for me as I enjoy what we do. It would give me something to do when I am bored and I feel I could provide good service to the Anzus Community. After seeing over these past few months many impermissible situations, I would like to be apart of the team that stops it. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): I am very good at managing, interviewing/questioning, and having a nice, well-rounded case with suspects at hand. I am very friendly and I enjoy making new friends and enjoy socializing with people. I believe these are good, useful skills that can be used in the support team! Thank you. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: DoJRP FTO Department, and Gold FTO Staff.
  4. Luke Luerger

    Boris Sullivan's Weapons

    ill buy those 3 a3's if you can do 30 each
  5. In Game Name: Luke Luerger Amount of Hours: 900 Age: 16 Steam ID: 76561198882412513 Previous Gangs: Playboys (manager position) Bank Balance: 700k+ Level: 50 Why would you like to become a King? : I would like to join the Kings as this looks like a good upcoming gang. I know some of the members from previous mutual interaction and we are good friends. The gang looks to have a stable infrastructure which I like and I am interested in finding a fun active gang. I am a good shooter, driver, and can negotiate.
  6. Luke Luerger

    Luke Luerger - Compensation Request

    Name: Luke Luerger Steam64ID: 76561198882412513 Date of Incident: 08/10/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 11:30pm MST Amount your claiming: 230k Description of situation: Playboy bentley was deleted in recent update Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d4e6ba9811f8cf03b/bye-bye-bentley
  7. Luke Luerger

    9000 Member giveaway!

  8. Luke Luerger

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

  9. Luke Luerger

    Luke Luerger - Comp Request

    Name: Luke Luerger Steam64ID: 76561198882412513 Date of Incident: 7-29-2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:30pm MST Amount your claiming: 150k (30k for gear 120k for gun) Description of situation: I dropped my stuff on ground and it dissapeared Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d3fdc09a61193efc9/gun-gone-and-game-crashed (first clip, second is my game crashing)
  10. Luke Luerger

    luke luerger lurger - player report

    Dear Kevin and Faisal, Unfortunately the video failed to upload as it was 72gb and took well over 12 hours. I am going on vacation tomorrow and will be unable to provide video evidence from my end until I am back (9 days). Kevin I hope you can dig a little deeper and see it was a glitch, and I hope this case will be dropped as you can see I had my gun out, but because my hands were up it glitched it and made it look like I did not have it. You can see here in this screenshot. If it is not dropped, I will try and re upload the video when I am home. In my defense - 7.1 – You must always value your life as though it was real life, you must actively attempt to avoid being murdered by either complying or avoiding situations. 7.2 – If there is a weapon pointed at you by someone and you do not have a weapon in your hand you must comply and you may not pull a firearm, if there is safe cover within a reasonable distance you may take cover instead. Staff have the final say on whether you valued your life or not. - My gang member had shot Faisal which wounded him, he then pointed his weapon away from me and was distracted, I had extremely reasonable cover within distance and I ran to the cover when he was distracted. I knew if I did not try and get away he would shoot me because my gang member shot Faisal. Excellent team work. When I am home from my vacation I will be filing a formal report against Faisal Rain for multiple broken rules. 4.15 - Consistently going around robbing people is against the rules, you can not rob people without a valid roleplay reason e.g. you're broke and need the money. Big gangs shouldn't be going around robbing new players. - Faisal Rain and his friend Harvey Spacey robbed us around 3-4 times in one hour, as well as multiple other people. On top of this, we were robbed by Faisal Rain and his friend around 5 minutes earlier at the gas station right next to the bridge, they were then revived and robbed us again at the bridge as you can see. 12.1 - You may not use any form of third party communications such as steam, discord, skype, non-tfr non-anzus teamspeaks to communicate with someone in the server at the same time as you. - Faisal Rain and his friend are in a discord call while playing on the server together 4.5 – In the case of Section 4, the “same uniform” refers to all members wearing the: Exact same clothing item (Cannot be nothing), Exact same vest item, All of these items need to be clearly on display and not covered up by items such as Ghillie suits. - Faisal Rain and his buddy are initiating on people whilst wearing different clothing You are messing with the wrong person Faisal. Regards, Luke.
  11. Luke Luerger

    Luke Luerger - Player Report

    Name: Luke Luerger Name of player you are reporting: @Josh Cole™ Date of Incident: 7-28-2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 9pm Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 10.3 – You may not initiate, rob, harm, detain or other use forms of violence against someone you have ran over, rammed outside of initiation or been at fault in a vehicular accident. you must leave the area and continue as normal. Description of Incident: initiated after head on Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes, no one was available to help
  12. Luke Luerger

    luke luerger lurger - player report

    Faisal, can you give me permission to use your footage please? Thank you.
  13. Luke Luerger

    luke luerger lurger - player report

    Dear Kevin, Thank you for your interest in my support case. Due to certain stipulations my evidence has been corrupted. I will have to upload the 72gb file to a service that will un-corrupt it. It will take 12 hours, here is a screenshot. I will provide a textual defense until I can get my video. I had my hands up when I was behind the truck, I went into my inventory and I dragged my M16A3 into my hands, I put my hands down, my gun then did the pullout animation, and shot him from behind the truck. It looked like I was exploiting on his screen but I was not. I would also like 2 minutes evidence before the event happened, you will see we had already killed Faisal and his buddy around 5 minutes before, so his initiation was invalid. Regards, Luke.
  14. Luke Luerger

    Playboy's Recruitment (cutom uniform/car)

    Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in the Playboys. After reviewing your application we have determined that you have qualified for an interview. Please contact Dylan2978#2978 on discord within 24 Hours for your interview. Failure to do so will result in immediate denial. Regards, Playboys.
  15. Luke Luerger

    Playboy's Recruitment (cutom uniform/car)

    Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in the Playboys. Due to certain stipulations that haven't been met in your application, you have been denied. Reason(s) for Denial: Lack of interest Lack of detail Lack of effort Poor english We appreciate your application and wish you luck in your future endeavors! Regards, Playboys.
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