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Frad Appleseed

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  1. Frad Appleseed

    Kings County Governor Election

    Roleplay name: Frad AppleseedSteam64id: 76561198093708843Roleplay backstory/presidential backstory: (Write why you should be president and where you're from etc in RP) Many of you may know me from my time in the KCSO, having many months of experience in work like CID before eventually retiring to join coastguard, to then retire from that as I wanted something different. As your president, I will pass many much needed laws and protect you from anything that appears a threat, not only will the legalisation of class three firearms be passed, but the prices of essential everyday supplies will be halved. With your support, I could be the much needed change everyone wants to see. Vote Frad
  2. Frad Appleseed

    Frad Appleseed - USCG Application

    Name (In Role play) Frad Appleseed Steam 64 ID: Timezone: GMT (UK) Age: 18 Do you have any Law Enforcement Experience? I have been in the police force for around 8 months. I have been in the CID department for the majority of said months and have tried out for S.W.A.T. Should you be accepted into the US Coast Guard, what standards and values would you bring and standby here? (Min. 50 Words) I am a very talented pilot in Arma with over half of my hours in Arma flying milsim. Being in milsims, in which i have gained valuable experience in the type of standards that are expected upon me to hold whilst operating with the United States Coast Guard, it in turn has made me a very mature person which will try my best to make the USCG a better place for everyone around me and myself. Why do you believe honesty, loyalty and integrity are our founding principles? Because without these, we would not be a team. A team needs to support eachother in any way possible. What do you believe makes a good Guardsman? Be respected, mature and level headed. Anyone outside of these lines will be unable to properly undertake proffessional actions and activities that tie in with the USCG. Anything else you would like to add? No, thank you. References (Not Mandatory): Robert lewis Paul Calden Alexzander Goodmen im sure all of the above mentioned would vouch for me. By signing below, you swear to uphold the law and constitution, to be loyal to your fellow Guardsman, to endeavour to be proactive and relentless in seeking peace and justice, to always be honest, to always be loyal, and to show respect where respect is due. Appleseed, Frad.
  3. Frad Appleseed

    Frad Appleseed - Disciplinary Dispute

    Your In-Game Name: Frad AppleseedRank: Senior Detective/CorporalDepartment: Criminal Investigation DepartmentBadge Number: 372Punishment you where given: Verbal Warning Why it should be overturned: This is not for my most recent verbal warning, it is for my first one, months ago. The situation was weird and in my opinion, i shouldnt have got the verbal in the first place, but it was now been months, and I recently got a 2nd verbal warning which was very fair and i did do something wrong however small it was. Because of getting my 2nd warning, i think that the first one should be removed as i clearly have grown as an officer, i have never had demerit points and I try my absolute hardest in whatever I do to make sure im doing my job and everyone else is having fun and I am sure that a lot of people would vouch for me, civs and my fellow officers. I do not want my position within CID to be effected because of a simple mistake months ago, and if anything would happen one more time, that could happen. Evidence: it was an IA case, I never saw any evidence.
  4. Frad Appleseed

    Alex Hinkley P1&2

    Trainee Name: Alex Hinkley Badge Number: N/A Current Rank: Cadet Trainer Name: Frad Appleseed Training Taken: Phase 1&2 Training Outcome: Passed
  5. Frad Appleseed

    Winchester Money Comp

    +1 If anything is needed ask @Jackson Reed, he was there (this is julian) edit: Dont think that vod link works so imma just put this here
  6. Frad Appleseed

    Mass Trainings Report - Drivers

    Trainee Names: Brogan Barton, John Williams Badge Number: CDT Current Rank: Cadet Trainer Name: Frad Appleseed Training Taken: Drivers Training Outcome: Passed
  7. Frad Appleseed

    New punishment guidelines leading upto 3.0

    People might have private conversations that they might want to tell, especially in CID situations, some staff members might be in gangs that we might be talking about etc
  8. Frad Appleseed

    New punishment guidelines leading upto 3.0

    Not sure about this man, there’s people on this sever that get a hella kick out of reporting people and getting them points, people make mistakes and people that don’t break rules might be punished too harshly
  9. Frad Appleseed

    Gang Wars

    Gang name: Give us Heroin processingGang Leader Name/64 ID: Julian Jackson 76561198093708843Uniform (In-Game Name of Headgear, Clothing & Vest you'll be using as your uniform): Kael suit (black) Black Vest Member 1 Name/64 ID: Caden Parker 76561198077819578 Member 2 Name/64 ID: Tom Sawyer 76561198982967905 Member 3 Name/64 ID: Aloha Akbar - need 64 still Member 4 Name/64 ID: Matt Engel 76561198152554679 Member 5 Name/64 ID: Darth Africa 76561198081198750 Member 6 Names/64 ID: Tobey Exile 76561198133885181 Member 7 Name/64 ID: darth asian 76561198093216490
  10. Frad Appleseed

    LOA Request - Frad Appleseed

    Name: Frad Appleseed Rank: Detective Badge Number: 372 Department: CID Start Date: 19/12/2019 End Date: 01/01/2019 Reason: Some things happened in the last few days, don’t want it effecting my police work, happy holidays everyone. Signature: Frad Appleseed
  11. Frad Appleseed

    Chris Wong Phase 1&2 Training Report

    Trainee Name: Chris Wong Badge Number: CDT Current Rank: CDT Trainer Name: Frad Appleseed Training Taken: Phase 1&2 Training Outcome: Passed
  12. Frad Appleseed

    Phase 1&2 training report - Scott Ramirez

    Trainee Name: Scott Ramirez Badge Number: N/A Current Rank: Cadet Trainer Name: Frad Appleseed Training Taken: Phase 1 & 2 Training Outcome: PASSED
  13. Frad Appleseed

    Mass Trainings Report - Firearms

    Trainee Name: Ross Champion, Scott Ramirez Badge Number: ALL N/A Current Rank: ALL Cadet Trainer Name: Frad Appleseed Training Taken: Firearms Training Training Outcome: Passed
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