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Frad Appleseed

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  1. Frad Appleseed

    Throwback Time! Australia Life Popup Server?

    just announce it a week before with the mods
  2. Frad Appleseed

    Kings County Governor Election

    Roleplay name: Frad AppleseedSteam64id: 76561198093708843Roleplay backstory/presidential backstory: (Write why you should be president and where you're from etc in RP) Many of you may know me from my time in the KCSO, having many months of experience in work like CID before eventually retiring to join coastguard, to then retire from that as I wanted something different. As your president, I will pass many much needed laws and protect you from anything that appears a threat, not only will the legalisation of class three firearms be passed, but the prices of essential everyday supplies will be halved. With your support, I could be the much needed change everyone wants to see. Vote Frad
  3. Frad Appleseed

    New punishment guidelines leading upto 3.0

    People might have private conversations that they might want to tell, especially in CID situations, some staff members might be in gangs that we might be talking about etc
  4. Frad Appleseed

    New punishment guidelines leading upto 3.0

    Not sure about this man, there’s people on this sever that get a hella kick out of reporting people and getting them points, people make mistakes and people that don’t break rules might be punished too harshly
  5. Frad Appleseed

    Gang Wars

    Gang name: Give us Heroin processingGang Leader Name/64 ID: Julian Jackson 76561198093708843Uniform (In-Game Name of Headgear, Clothing & Vest you'll be using as your uniform): Kael suit (black) Black Vest Member 1 Name/64 ID: Caden Parker 76561198077819578 Member 2 Name/64 ID: Tom Sawyer 76561198982967905 Member 3 Name/64 ID: Aloha Akbar - need 64 still Member 4 Name/64 ID: Matt Engel 76561198152554679 Member 5 Name/64 ID: Darth Africa 76561198081198750 Member 6 Names/64 ID: Tobey Exile 76561198133885181 Member 7 Name/64 ID: darth asian 76561198093216490
  6. Frad Appleseed

    10000 members giveaway!

  7. Frad Appleseed

    9000 Member giveaway!

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