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Chris Axel

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  1. Chris Axel

    Coast guard ( New department for PD)

    However I think they should be their own department and not part of PD as they already have enough departments as is
  2. Chris Axel

    Coast guard ( New department for PD)

    I agree. With the amount of activities this community offers on the water Coast Guard would be very effective and fun for everyone.
  3. Chris Axel

    Chris Axel - Comp Request

    Name: Chris Axel Steam64ID: 76561198135649072 Date of Incident: 10/10/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 9:50 PM PST Amount your claiming: 57K Description of situation: I had just respawned and was buying my gear when the server red chained (assuming it was a ddos). I tried to sync data so this wouldnt happen but ArmA is ArmA so big yikes. Evidence:
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