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Hunter Husky

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  1. Hunter Husky

    Hunter Husky - KSP Discharge Request

    Name: Hunter Husky Badge Number: 313 Current Rank: Senior Trooper Reason for Discharge: Pursuing a life in the Coast Guard for 3.0 UID: 6561198138349426
  2. Hunter Husky

    LOA Request - Hunter Husky

    Name: Hunter Husky Rank: Senior Trooper Badge Number: 313 Department: Patrol Start Date: 12/17/19 End Date: 12/23/19 Reason: Final Exam week in my classes and i need the time off to dedicate to studying and getting adequate rest. If i find extra time i will still be on.
  3. Hunter Husky

    Hunter Husky - KSP Application

    I haven't heard from Jordan Goulding for a few days, would you like me to provide another reference @Kieran Walker ?
  4. Hunter Husky

    Hunter Husky - KSP Application

    Name: Hunter Husky (Hunter O’Brien) Age/Timezone: 17, MST Date of Birth: 11/10/2001 Steam 64 ID:76561198138349426 NOTE: You will require 2 references from Corporal+ for your application to be processed Reference 1: Stalwart Knight Reference 2: Jordan Goulding How did you acquire these references? -I understand we are not required to have references now, yet i assumed i should add them. I know Stalwart Knight and Jordan Goulding from Metropolis PD... (Arma_Life). From that experience i got to serve right along Stalwart who was in Patrol at the time and Jordan who was in S.W.A.T. at the time i served with them. Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): Living a life as a civ in Kamdan isn't for me. It's very repetitive. It seems to always lead to crime, and crime is one thing i really don't enjoy doing. I have been an LEO all other islands and would enjoy continuing that passion. To add on while playing as a civ and waiting to get a ride along, i sat around the PD waiting for a Cpl. +.. While there were a few nice officers, i also noticed many lazy ones. To one point where i saw one wake up, brought his car out of the garage, and said, "well this is boring I'm not doing this today". Knowing i would be a way better replacement from this officer is what inspired me really to join the Kamdan State Police. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): I have plenty of experiences starting off; as an officer in DarkLifeGaming, where i was able to get the main understanding of what it takes to be an officer. I then moved onto another island (Arma_life) Metropolis where i gained experience as an lieutenant in the EMS FTO/HR Department. From there i moved onto the MPD and was soon promoted up to Sergeant where i took the place in CRT with Jac Kovacs. At this time Dustin Cena was either the Chief of Police or Assistant Chief i believe . I do recall Dustin giving me my Aviation training though. From there i transferred to patrol as soon transferred from there to Highway Patrol under Robert Banner and Wolffie Forester who led it. Once that island faded away i moved on to Islesford Police Department (Cranberry Isles RolePlay Community) where i was selected by Chief Laram Fox to run Patrol as a Captain. From there i created SOP's for the department and helped run the department. While this island soon faded away because of financial issues i was left with no job and have been taking a break from being an LEO. Since then (1-2 months ago) i've been doing milsim related things on Arma... Those are my experiences as an LEO. What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): In my opinion a good officer is not just somebody who follows the rules straight out of the book, but somebody who is able to bring life into a department. Somebody who won't just be another call-sign in the database, but create a name through themselves by performance. I believe if any officer tries hard enough , they can achieve this. The unfortunate part is that many officer do not try hard enough and it leads to a bad representation of the entirety of the department. Therefore an officer with Integrity, respect, and the strong will to learn, will be the officer to persevere among the others. Anything that you would like to add?: Yes, i believe with my past experience and noticeable reputation among other communities makes me a significant candidate to choose for your next LEO. If asked i am able to provide evidence of my experiences as an LEO and the positions i claim to have held in the past. Thank you for reading my application and have a wonderful day. Respectfully, Hunter Husky (Hunter O'Brien) edit: added my other rp name (Hunter O’Brien)
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