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Tom Carter

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  1. Tom Carter

    KSP Application - Johnny Nuestra

  2. Tom Carter

    Transfer Request - John Anderson

    Approved by swat command. o7 buddy
  3. Tom Carter

    Tom Carter LOA request

    Name: Tom Carter Rank: Lt Badge Number: 126 Department: SWAT Start Date: 29/12 End Date: 2/1 Reason: Personal issues Signature: Tom Carter
  4. Tom Carter

    Duck Atron - LOA Request

  5. Tom Carter

    John Anderson - LOA request

  6. Tom Carter

    LOA Request - Greg Tranto

    Approved @Sarah Parker
  7. Tom Carter

    Tjay Shelby - KSP Application

    Age reference from me
  8. Tom Carter

    LOA Request - Harry Lennar

  9. Tom Carter

    LOA Request // Tom Carter

    Name: Tom Carter Rank: Lt Badge Number: 127 Department: S.W.A.T Start Date: 6/12/19 End Date: 9/12/19 Signature: Tom Carter
  10. Tom Carter

    John Anderson - Promotion report

    Name: John Anderson Badge Number: 366 Department: S.W.A.T Current Rank: Senior Trooper New Rank: Corporal New Badge Number: 366 Reason for the promotion/demotion: Passed SWAT trial. Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Tom Carter Rank: Lt Badge Number: 127 Signature: Tom Carter
  11. Tom Carter

    Adam Sparrow - KSP Application

  12. Tom Carter

    Kacper Junior's Police Application

  13. Tom Carter

    Bob Fraggerman - KSP Application

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