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  1. Tom Carter

    State of major crimes

    Police command has been suggesting too lower cop slots in general as standard fights are usualy unfair, specialy since at certain times there is a equal amount of cops and civs. sadly the departments that are allowed double lives dont use it too make everything more balanced. Lowering the gun prices might be a good start and a solution too other issues aswel. I dont see why you would put a number on majors, i have seen people in my department go on civ to do a major and they won with only 4 vs 20+. I can give you plenty of reasons why civs lose majors and its not our fault that they are chaotic and uncoordinated. even if you make it a KOS zone it wil only be a temporary fix as we wil always find a way to counter them.
  2. Tom Carter

    RDM by Cops

    Went off 30 min after the situation lad even took ur friend too jail There was no solid ground under you just water. You were well aware of wat u were doing and that 10/10 u would have been killed or even arrested. I dont have recording but i shot when you were dropping down. if u only went on the barrier and actualy tried to roleplay instead of failing to value ur life then i would not have killed you. My pov: We knew they were armed, we knew they were doing heroin, rammed 2 vehicles wich resulted in officers being vdmd/injured, tried too flee, was droping down towards 99% bulletproof water to probably abuse it. i shot him before he hit the water. It aint fun for anyone when toxic people just try to abuse this, note: his gang members already shot at us. fyi, this happens mutliple times with alot of people and this is actualy the first time i see someone even get it accepted as a case as if the water wasnt bulletproof he wouldnt have jumped in it.
  3. Tom Carter

    It's Rant Time My Dudes

    ''75% of the majors'' --W.I.N.C.H.E.S.T.E.R--🤬 Did you consider the snowflakes to be anti trump liberals @Vinny Tescarossa 🕵️‍♂️
  4. Tom Carter


    @Kevin Dark Just saying that he first gave the wrong keys 'can happen' but after he gave the right keys too the wrong person.
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