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  1. Rhys Martinio

    Kings | Gang Recruitment | Experienced Players | Cartel/Majors

    In Game Name: Rhys Martin Amount of Hours: 1500 on a3 like 40 on anzus Age: 19 Steam ID:76561198092023283 Previous Gangs: Abdi Inc, S.P.A.R.K, Johnsons $Balance:80k (yikes) Level:13(also yikes) Why would you like to become a King? : ᶜᵃˢʰ ᵐᵒⁿᵉʸ ᵐᵃʲᵒʳˢ Trying to join a gang that isnt going to pussy out of robbing another gang that has been fucking with us all day, Also trying to get some actually successful majors that people get "forgotten" to be given a cut
  2. Rhys Martinio

    Rhys Martinio - Comp Request

    Name:Rhys Martinio Steam64ID:76561198092023283 Date of Incident: 18/8/19 Time of Incident (LA Time):2:00 pm - 3 ? Not sure its the same script issue as others Amount your claiming:56,258 Cost of the BMW M2 Shadow Edition Description of situation: Shortly before all the cars started going to hospital was pulled into a wall and blown up (Apparently an uninsured car) Evidence:https://plays.tv/video/5d59d3bf12bb0856e4
  3. Rhys Martinio

    Rhys Martinio Comp Request

    Name: Rhys Martinio Steam64ID: 76561198092023283 Date of Incident :July 27 Time of Incident (LA Time): 4 (idfk midnight BST) Amount your claiming: 90~ Uranium/ 190K Description of situation: Repeatedly told to disregard restart, Did so and did a uranium run. restarted anyway Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d3cd82757eaebd3a3 https://gyazo.com/6e0e6097d052fecdb220a6da649fa7d8
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