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  1. Alex Sharp

    The Stoner frags

    Oi buddy its a joke.
  2. Alex Sharp

    The Stoner frags

    -1 can't frag
  3. Alex Sharp

    Stats display

    For players on the map you have to count
  4. Alex Sharp

    Stats display

    My suggestion is to have it so you can see your stats like how much money you have. The player count how civs, cops, and medics are online.
  5. In-Game Name: Alex Sharp Steam 64 ID: 76561198311549184 Forum Profile: https://www.anzus.life/profile/7481-alex-sharp/ Hours in Arma 3: 1060 How long have you been apart of Anzus: 5 months I think I joined in july Why would you like to join the Schneiders: I would like to join a active gang and I am pretty bored rolling by myself, and having no one to talk to. How would we benefit from you joining: I am pretty good at fragging, and I also know many people in schneider currently. I would have some good Chemistry with them. Do you have any previous leader/command experience (If so what): Nope References (Not required): Robert Lewis, and Matao I hope. Notes:
  6. Alex Sharp

    Civ SBLR

    I was talking about paychecks
  7. Alex Sharp

    Civ SBLR

    Sblr is expensive i have to spend 13k on mags each load out or more
  8. Alex Sharp

    Civ SBLR

    Considering on how much your load outs cost 4000 is a lot of money 30-40 min you have another load out and also you have a civ character for a reason
  9. Alex Sharp

    Alex Smith Police Application

    SOP's - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FHVB-zowUwcnuyNg03eQImfveDhcx5kHgt62BzDTRrg/edit Name: Alex Smith Timezone(NA/EU/AS/AU): NA CST Age: 15 Steam 64 ID: 76561198311549184 NOTE: References to get into the State Police is optional and are NOT required to get into the State Police. Reference 1: I do not have any references How did you acquire these references? I do not have any references Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I would like to become an officer in the Kamdan Police Department because I enjoyed role-playing as a Police Officer on JCRP and I feel I will enjoy roleplaying as a police officer on Anzus. I enjoy being able to interact with civs and being able to help them out. I enjoy the aspect of being able to use teamwork with other officers to win situations. I feel I can make a big impact by being a Police Officer and helping out the civs if they are being robbed. Also making sure no one is killing anyone, and if they do to put them in prison. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): I was a Senior trooper of Patrol on Anzus An officer of JCRP FiveM Server What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): In my opinion, a good officer is someone who can listen to there higher-ups no matter of their age, and also someone who is active and someone who can be a team player and who isn't toxic and can keep calm in all situations. Also, someone who can be a good listener to call-outs from other Officers, and someone who has a good understanding of the SOP's of the Police Department, and know when to use lethal force. Without knowing when to use this an officer could kill someone when they didn't need to kill them. Also, someone who is good at representing the KSP. Anything that you would like to add?: Thank you for reading my application.
  10. Alex Sharp

    Civ SBLR

    Maybe if you are swat or CRT and that is only a select few cop. Most cops load outs don’t cost a lot of money compared to CIV I spend at least 60k a load out
  11. Alex Sharp

    The Attack of the 12 Year olds - Player Reports

    Trying to leave and I end up being shot at
  12. Alex Sharp

    The Attack of the 12 Year olds - Player Reports

    This case was already dealt with also I was trying to leave any I got shot at so I retalilated
  13. Alex Sharp

    ​ Give me -1 please thanks love you bye ❤️  ​

    Lol very true
  14. Alex Sharp

    ​ Give me -1 please thanks love you bye ❤️  ​

    Shut up Jake you ruined it Now it won't work
  15. Alex Sharp

    Alex Sharp Staff App

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Personal Details In-game name: Alex Sharp Age: 15 1/3/2004 Steam 64 ID: 76561198311549184 Timezone/Region: CST NA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: I joined on July 2nd. I have been apart of anzus for about 6 months. Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): Yes I have about 4 times i believe. What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): My motivation for applying for a support position is because of how active I am and how much I am dedicated to helping out people. Yes, I am toxic but most people are and I am only toxic in a funny way. When in a support channel helping a player out I can be professional. Also when I am always on I see that there aren’t enough support team members helping out people when it is late at night for NA people. My strong motivation for wanting to be a support team member is to help out people. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): The skills I can bring is many. I am able to listen to higher ups. I can also take criticism that will help me out in the long run as a support team member. I strive to help people out in multiple ways being it new players with runs or helping someone get member tags on teamspeak. I am overall just a helpful and funny person to be around. I also know people mistakes and will always be nice to people if they do make a mistake ingame or in teamspeak. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: I unfortunately do not have any experience elsewhere.
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