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  1. Liam Joseph

    Robbie Welsh - Rotary Application

    Ye its the same robbie from evo @Joshua Menendez
  2. Liam Joseph

    One Issue - One Solution

    Yeah this rule results in a lot of confusion at times. For example: A group of people use pistols which results in cops having to switch to pistols. Then, during the gunfight they switch to their class 3 which results in cops not being able to do anything about it. Also, if you get initiated on behind cover with your class 3 and they have pistols, you would have to get your pistol out of your belt and by then you would most likely be dead. In my opinion of how everything is at the moment, people are not scared of police like how they should be due to jail times being not as high and sop restrictions etc. It would be cool for someone to look at these small stuff like this issue here and find a way to fix and resolve them.
  3. Liam Joseph

    Need 40 people to help test new cars

    Need any more people?
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