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  1. Rob mux

    Rob Mux Player Report

    Hey i was unaware this even happened? My game crashed and froze multiple times yesterday, Plus i randomly got blown off the map a couple times? not sure what happened just seemed like the hole map exploded? After a bit i landed off the map? It must of happened during one of these times? I wouldn't shoot people in a green zone?? i apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, i will make sure, to not press any buttons while my game freezes in the future.
  2. Rob mux

    The Underground Outlaws | Custom | Recruiting

    Full Name? Robert muchan Age:38 What can you bring to The Underground Outlaws? creativity and comunication to the gang as well as amazing flying/driving ect Why you would like to join us? I want to make freinds and make the Outlaws known in the ANZUSGaming community Can you follow orders without question? yes Will you be 100% dedicated to the Underground Outlaws? 120% Are you actively on the server almost every day? everyday 4+ hours What is your UID? 76561197990977797 What is your Timezone? australia How much hours do you have in ARMA 3? 500+ Hope to join you guys soon
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