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    seeing Myran's video, I'm thinking I'm still pretty safe 😂
  2. Edward Bennett

    Camping Traders? Should it be allowed?

    I, along with hopefully some other officers, will be patrolling around legal ways to make money to ensure that you guys remain safe after the wipe for a short while.
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  4. Edward Bennett

    Mod pack optimization?

  5. Edward Bennett

    10000 members giveaway!

  6. Edward Bennett

    Edward bennett player report

    Ok, so I was with @Eli Tyra at this time who told me after the fact I was justified in tasing this suspect. I admit I was very hasty in tasing the suspect but as you can see in the video I was attempting to restrain him after he was being CPR'ed and he was resisting said detainment. I had the issue shortly before this incident of other criminals with Class 3s running away as soon as they were revived and I wanted to ensure that this did not happen again. That being said I do apologise for not saying more before tasing. However I believe rule 4.22 as being more relevant in a situation where a cop rolls up on a random civilian with a weapon and then tases that civilian without saying anything, with no prior roleplay. In this situation we had already neutralised the suspect so the logical progression in RP was detainment and jail time. In the end I do not believe that any roleplay has been damaged by my actions in the situation. Eli also mentioned to me that Ram was breaking rule 6.8: 6.8 - Once you are revived (by anyone) the initiation you were under has ceased to act on you. (you may not kill players around you unless a new initiation is formed) You will also be too injured to run away straight away. He did not attempt to roleplay out his injuries and instead immediately started limping away from the roleplay that I was attempting to have with him. I will also point out that I was attempting to roleplay with Ram the entire situation, including following rule 11.7, taking him to the hospital and attempting to roleplay there. However, Ram at no point attempted to have a good roleplay situation with myself or Eli as he was too busy sorting out his evidence for this case, he made it clear he had no intentions of roleplaying with us. Also, rule 4.8: 4.8 – After 10 minutes of the final shot being fired the initiation is no longer valid and all parties must reinitiate to re-engage in combat. Whilst this contrasts to rule 6.8, in my opinion this means that I still have initiation on Ram *technically*, and then 6.8 is just the fact that Ram cannot keep the initiation as he has gone down. In the end, Ram was resisting my detainment after I attempted to detain him, so I see no issue with him being tased. He was pointing a firearm at me whilst I was attempting to detain him and he has broken rules in the situation as well. In the end, the outcome would have been the same either way so I'm not completely sure why I was reported for this, other than just coming after me for the sake of it...
  7. Edward Bennett

    9000 Member giveaway!

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