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  1. Dustin Cena

    Vincent Fisher - LOA Request

  2. Name: Mort Higgins Badge Number: 253 Department: Department of Corrections Current Rank: Corporal New Rank: Sergeant New Badge Number: 171 Reason for the promotion/demotion: Good hand in DOC. Suited for the role. Meets TiG and is active. Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Dustin Cena Rank: Warden Badge Number: 111 Signature no you
  3. Dustin Cena


    Most people here are like 16-17. They don’t know what a stock is, and they’d be throwing money away. I like it. +1
  4. Dustin Cena

    Jake Spencer - KPD Application

    @Rick Larsson yes
  5. Name: Alexis Sanchez Badge Number: 394 Department: Department of Corrections Current Rank: Corporal New Rank: Sergeant New Badge Number: 167 Reason for the promotion/demotion: Well suited for the position. Great hand in DOC. Active | TiG skip was approved by @Kain McCloud or just tag him if you want. Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Dustin Cena, Deano Guerrilla Rank: Warden, Deputy Warden Badge Number: 111, 123 Signature Your secrets are safe with me. I wasn't even listening.
  6. Dustin Cena

    Civ SBLR

    I get that they are cheaper. That’s expected. But they still are bare minimum 10-12k a loadout. And there are a good bunch that will spend extra on gear. No, a typical DOC or Patrol Officer won’t spend much. Granted most people don’t want to stay as a “basic”.
  7. Dustin Cena

    Civ SBLR

    You both of all people here should know that most cop weapons fall between 15k and 30k. Of course anything on the higher tier will be up there too. Keep in mind, this hasn’t to do with the suggestion itself, but i will correct this rumor because other civilians believe this.
  8. Dustin Cena

    New Fire arms for 3.0 Suggestion

    Hard no. You started off with "Battle rifles and carbines" then proposed a SPAR-17 and a FN FAL. These are DMR's and only promote a bunch of sniping between police and gangs. There are already a large variety of assault-style rifles so a M16A1 and a G36 being thrown into the pot of disposable rifles isn't going to change much play. What I would rather see is more SMG-style weapons, handguns, and compatible attachments being introduced. I would even like to see more non-lethal weapons become available to all factions. Some people are here just to "frag", but I also like seeing the opportunity to apprehend a person and even defeat them without having to kill them. Even having more open-carry legal (and illegal) firearms may be sufficient protection from your typical thug or a standard law enforcement officer. I'm not proposing that side-arms or sub-machine guns be mandate for a faction, but it would bring more diversity.
  9. Dustin Cena

    Jury Duty

    I'd say it sends out random messages to civilians, and those who fail to show are given a bench warrant. It's a civic duty.
  10. Dustin Cena

    Loxxon Husky LOA

  11. Dustin Cena

    [SERVER EVENT] Protecting Ashworth

    Please make a restart when you have everything prepared for starting the event. This will clear out all of the vehicles and items laying around the map, and we might have better odds at NOT crashing in the first go. Secondly, no mass explosions. People crashed when a bunch of rockets and bombs went off last time (I even froze up a little during the Pawnee's rocket wave).
  12. Dustin Cena

    How is everyone liking the new major crime play style?

    Since there is always a chance to loophole the rules; as some have mentioned above with externals being able to sneak in the major last second, I suggest that gangs that attempt major crimes who are caught breaking any major crime specific rules should be given gang strikes.
  13. Dustin Cena

    Bill Kapri wants the RFC'd

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