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  1. Dustin Cena

    New Rule Suggestion

    "You are not allowed to knock someone out or tackle them in combat, or while the person you are attempting to knock out is armed" It doesn't make sense for a civilian to attempt to knock out a cop that has a gun, as it also doesn't make sense for a cop to attempt to tackle an armed civilian. Both of these seems like a failure to value one's own life.
  2. Dustin Cena

    Better NVG for civs

    No. Cops have better equipment so they can do their job. Feel free to apply for the KSP if you like full-screen night vision goggles.
  3. Dustin Cena

    Server Suggestion - About cars and guns

    Who's honestly going to holster their weapon then?
  4. Dustin Cena

    Faster swimming???

    Only if bullets went farther that an inch in the water.
  5. Dustin Cena

    New Rule Suggestion

    No civilian goes to Police Training grounds to roleplay. We should get one spot to conduct training's, and you can have the rest of the map for your roleplay. Police don't storm rebel while you guys are plotting major crimes, so let's hit the brakes on the roleplay for the trainings.
  6. Dustin Cena

    New Rule Suggestion

    Add a rule that states that no one may interfere with Police Training while at the Police Training grounds. A lot of the training's have guides and stuff that require you to tab out to mark off or note. Civilians like to use that to surround the two cops and try to take them hostage.
  7. Dustin Cena

    The Purge

    I've participated in server purges before. They are so-so really. Yeah, you got all of these ideas to do, since you have no restrictions, but it basically just becomes wasteland and a bunch of dying.
  8. Dustin Cena


    No point for a vote day when admins force it to day as is. If night time wasn't so random and the lighting was better, it would be enjoyable.
  9. Dustin Cena

    A Cargo Helicopter

    And what will be the compromise for when you have a large bullet proof helicopter flying above DOC trolling?
  10. Dustin Cena


    Or make it longer, and add brighter car lights and flashlights.
  11. Dustin Cena

    New Knock Out Rule

  12. Toggle the GPS like I just stated, and it does the same thing.
  13. Currently, if you tase someone who has their hands up, there is an almost guaranteed chance that the taser will have no effect. Many civilians know about this, and will abuse the feature when they are evading police. Could this be fixed please?
  14. Dustin Cena

    Being Restrained - Bug Report

    Currently, there is a bug where restrained people can sprint, lay down, then slide like a penguin across the ground. It's annoying to deal with. Can this please be fixed?
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