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  1. Dustin Cena


    The money one is going to have the community divided, mainly because some people are in a spot where they were wanting to finally spend some money on nice things, but the end of 4.4 hit before that. Then, you have people that won’t be nearly as affected, because they may have never grinded hard. Then there’s Parker (F). I’d say hold the money wipe, and allow a week or two for people to settle into 4.5. Give some of the people who have worked hard already to get a house first. Even after that, a full money wipe seems a little much to me. Is there a possibility to do a partial money wipe, such as taking a percent of everyones total money out, so that it’s almost like a rollback?
  2. Dustin Cena


    Too early for a wipe in my opinion. I think there just needs to be more things to toss money into. And the 500m KOS, welp might as well bring the sniper rifles out and start cracking people off a click out. Can’t complain if you wanted it KOS now.
  3. Dustin Cena

    Nate Berry - Promotion Report

    CO's DetailsOfficers Name: Nate BerryBadge Number: 127Current Rank: OfficerNew Rank: Senior OfficerNew Badge Number: -Reason for the promotion/demotion: Passed Senior Evaluation, Active, Meets TiG.Promoting/Demoting CO's DetailsName: Dustin CenaRank: SergeantBadge Number: 114Officer's Signature: claustrophobic canes
  4. Dustin Cena

    Nate Berry - Senior Evaluation

    Trainee CO's DetailsOfficer's name: Nate BerryRank: OfficerBadge Number: 127Training They Took: Senior EvaluationPass or Fail (Upon failure give reason and time to retake) PASSTime it took to complete training: 1:21:00Training CO's DetailsName: Dustin CenaRank: SergeantBadge Number: 114 Officer's Signature: Funnel Cakes
  5. Dustin Cena

    Bailey Sinclair - Punishment Report

    Punished CO's Details Officers Name: Bailey Sinclair Badge Number: 140 Rank: Senior Corrections Officer Reason for Punishment: Classification J - SOP Violation Result of Punishment: Verbal Warning Punishing CO's Details Officers Name: Dustin Cena Badge Number: 114 Rank: Sergeant Officer's Signature: NEC IEC 2017
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