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Dustin Cena

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  1. Dustin Cena

    Nate Berry - Promotion Report

    CO's DetailsOfficers Name: Nate BerryBadge Number: 127Current Rank: OfficerNew Rank: Senior OfficerNew Badge Number: -Reason for the promotion/demotion: Passed Senior Evaluation, Active, Meets TiG.Promoting/Demoting CO's DetailsName: Dustin CenaRank: SergeantBadge Number: 114Officer's Signature: claustrophobic canes
  2. Dustin Cena

    Nate Berry - Senior Evaluation

    Trainee CO's DetailsOfficer's name: Nate BerryRank: OfficerBadge Number: 127Training They Took: Senior EvaluationPass or Fail (Upon failure give reason and time to retake) PASSTime it took to complete training: 1:21:00Training CO's DetailsName: Dustin CenaRank: SergeantBadge Number: 114 Officer's Signature: Funnel Cakes
  3. Dustin Cena

    Dustin Cena

    Officer DetailsOfficers Name: Dustin CenaBadge Number: 114Leave Date (Month/Day/Year): 05/09/2021Return Date (Month/Day/Year): 05/12/2021Reason for leave of Absence: This is my final week in my trade school. For those that are aware, I am never on during Tuesdays, and it's because of this after work. Yada yada yada, see you Wednesday evening DOC island (with no one there :D) Oh, did you want me to sign this? *peck* I also didn't see any LOA topics, so I'm planting this here. chow
  4. Dustin Cena

    Bailey Sinclair - Punishment Report

    Punished CO's Details Officers Name: Bailey Sinclair Badge Number: 140 Rank: Senior Corrections Officer Reason for Punishment: Classification J - SOP Violation Result of Punishment: Verbal Warning Punishing CO's Details Officers Name: Dustin Cena Badge Number: 114 Rank: Sergeant Officer's Signature: NEC IEC 2017
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