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  1. Mack Johnson

    Mack Johnson Resignation

    Name: Mack Johnson Badge Number: 124 Current Rank: Lieutenant Reason for Discharge: Resignation UID: 76561198197904369
  2. Mack Johnson

    What's the best way to make money?

    Or by joining the KSP
  3. Mack Johnson

    What's the best way to make money?

    Join the KSP 😁
  4. Mack Johnson

    How is everyone liking the new major crime play style?

    HR gone rouge 🤔🤔 😂
  5. Mack Johnson

    First Wave Event Screenshots

    Here are some of the few screenshots I have from the event. Thought the event had some wicked moments, but was only able to capture these. Feel free to reply with your screenshots as well
  6. Mack Johnson

    State of major crimes

    If we made majors KOS there would be even more complaining regarding the police force
  7. Mack Johnson

    State of major crimes

    I would actually be a fan of lowering gun & scopes price on the civ side. @Doug Jumperbased off your advice in previous conversations, I went on civ for a day to see what they have to deal with. Personally, I think civ gear should be lowered significantly by like 20-30%. This way civs aren't losing 2-3 hours worth of runs for one load out, but yet there is still a huge risk-reward punishment about completing majors crimes and not getting arrested
  8. Mack Johnson

    University of Kamdan Legal Studies

    Could I teach “Correctionology” @Jason Steele?
  9. Mack Johnson


    Well Said. Also probably the most heated threat I've ever seen
  10. Mack Johnson


    Actually your boy has zero combat logs *Dab
  11. Mack Johnson

    The Civ v. Cop Debate

    If you can validate your purpose at DOC with RP then usually we will let you do stuff.
  12. Mack Johnson

    The Civ v. Cop Debate

    100% agree
  13. Mack Johnson

    [NEWS] Kamdan Daily

    By the end of Taki War Kamdan is destroyed, insert 3.0 update 😱
  14. Mack Johnson


    The amount of rudeness in this comment section. Gentlemen if you do not pull over your “rudeness” I might have to S1 you and take you to jail. - Deputy Warden Mack Kain sells weed Johnson
  15. Mack Johnson

    Mossberg With 11 bean bag mags

    Sanction DOC Buyback
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