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  1. Accepted for interview \\INTERVIEW PENDING/ @John Loo JOIN THE DISCORD SO A COMMAND MEMBER CAN GET YOU AN INTERVIEW.  DISCORD: https://discord.gg/mpdnf
  2. Brayam Soto

    Brayam Soto - Player Report

    AS you can see in his video he is driving around talking to people in an active gun fight situation and he admits it in his description of incident "my car was sprayed at without them saying anything but I wasn't killed so I stayed around to watch the gunfight"(not valuing his life). So i was very nervous and i saw that blue car circling around with cops i didn't know if it was an unmarked cop car or what. As i was looking at the car after i hopped out of my truck i could not see who hopped out the blue car because there was a tree in my way. You can see in the video it looked like he hopped back into his car and then i started to shoot but it was just lag and he didn't get in his car then after i killed his and i seen his body fall in the ground was when i realized he wasn't a cop. You can hear my teammate say "Their not cops" but to be honest i didn't hear that in the heat of the moment. Also he is using discord or something to talk to his buddies.
  3. Name: Brayam Soto Age:14  Timezone: EDT Why would you like to join Shadow Division: I would like to join shadow division for a couple of reasons the main reason is Because of the gang size i need a gang that has a lot of people so at any time of the day or night there will be someone i could play with. Another reason is that i need a stable non toxic gang that doesnt sit in rebel all day, i have met some members of Shadow Division and they all seem pretty chill. Last reason is that they seem like some pretty good pvpers, every time i past by a gang fights featuring the Shadow Divisions they seem to almost always come out on top. I am a very active and engaged player and i think Shadow Division's got what i am looking for. (sorry if wrote too much:) ) What could you bring to Shadow Division: i could bring to Shadow Division a very active player,my pvp skills and my very chill positive and non toxic energy In game lvl (Minimum 20): 36  Money in bank (250k+):580k+ Hours on Arma (500+):436 Have you read and understand the rules of the server: YES I do understand the rules Steam profile & Steam 64: 76561198363238696 / (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198363238696/) Discord name: Brayam Soto#1607
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