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  1. Corrections Character Name: Jotoro Carter Real Life Date of Birth [03/08/2003]: Timezone/Region AU AEST Steam 64 ID: 76561198363185333 Link to your forum profile:https://www.anzus.life/profile/7757-david-aviator/ Link to your steam profile: (Must be set to public) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198363185333/ Character Background Why would you like to join the Department of Corrections? (50 words minimum): The reason's I would like to be in the Corrections department simply because being a civ is getting old and i would like the expand my experience within Alaska and i think becoming a Corrections officer might help be become better with communication and teamwork, ive had good and bad experiences with police officers in the past and i would like to help them in anyway i can and that includes the ones ive had a bad experiences with and ive seen lately that DOC has been lacking in some instances there has just been a cadet sitting there with no knowledge on what to do and ive also watching the mature officers inside ignore and to the fullest extent do there job professionally despite the relentless waves of civilians trying to cause trouble at the department of corrections that What makes wanting to be a police officer all the more desirable is the fact you can do the best you can to make Alaska just a bit safer for any innocent people walking around trying to make something out of their lives and have much more unusual and subsequently alternative interactions with people If I am to be accepted I would be try to uphold the law and values a good officer should have and make sure that civilians ,cops and medics do the same What can you offer to the Department of Corrections? (50 words minimum): What i can offer is my previous experiences as a senior deputy within the Department of Corrections in this community and others i have been apart of. This experience can make me more effective and responsible while conducting myself inside DOC walls. Also i can offer leadership experiences as i had been given CO duty of DOC by my superiors to test how i can handle the responsibility of running DOC. Tell us why you should choose you over other applicants. (50 words minimum): I feel like i should be chosen over other applicants because im a hard worker who will do my best to preform my duties daily and above standard without fail. While also trying to achieve the best i can within the department, with the desire for the foreseeable future to stay instead of transferring to patrol like majority of those who apply. 1 more thing is i am on on the later side of the server so i am able to operate DOC instead of it usually being empty. This Can you dedicate 10 hours minimum a week to your potential job as a Department of Corrections officer to be considered ‘active’ in the eyes of the Department of Corrections?: YES i can dedicate more then 10 Additional Details Can you communicate clearly in the English Language? (This is required as we are an English speaking Arma 3 community): Yes i can Do you have any references within the Department of Corrections?: i dont at this time Do you agree that if accepted, following your interview you have 14 days to complete your core training or will be discharged from the Department of Corrections?: Yes i do Do you agree to follow the Standard Operating Procedures, all Announcements and Policies?: Yes Do you agree that if caught lying on the application, it could lead to a blacklist from the Department of Corrections?: Yes Do you agree that you can face unconditional removal if you are found to be corrupt as Department of Corrections?: I understand Applicant's Signature Please sign here: Jotoro carter
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