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  1. Yakish Mafui

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

    just give everyone 262 mags. im tired of this bullet absorbing shit.
  2. Yakish Mafui

    The Jail "mini game" "meta game" is being undermineded

    If you're basing this off the situation where there was a lot of prisoners in their cells, this post is meaningless. There was roughly 10+ prisoners inside DOC and they were all breaking out every other second. There was 3-4 officers against 10+ prisoners. It got so bad two of you had to be moved to the electric chair building. When there's enough officers, you guys have the ability to go make the license plates or whatever it is. DOC Officers try not to put you guys in cells without trashcans and I always move you guys wherever one of you requests to go because I don't want you guys to complain. Also, if you want something, don't mic spam and make internal sound like a nightclub.
  3. Yakish Mafui

    Safezones at legal locations

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