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  1. Kieran Jenks

    [SERVER EVENT] Savior Has Landed

  2. Kieran Jenks

    Father Pablo

    Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee Disciplinary Appeal Case Number: [Office Use Only] Kamdan Legislature Officer Presiding: [Office Use Only] NAME Father Pablo and GOV. DEPARTMENT: Kamdan State Police RESPONDENT **DISCLAIMER: IF POSSIBLE, YOU MUST FIRST APPEAL INTERNALLY WITHIN YOUR DEPARTMENT** Your In-Game Name: Father Pablo Organisation: Kamdan State Police Rank: Senior Trooper Department: Patrol Badge Number (If Applicable): 329 Punishment you were given: 10 for looking at someone with a firearm Grounds for Appeal (Why should it be overturned): honestly this is a ridiculous reason to be given points, i was issued points for having a joke with Anthony wells, it was all fun and just an overall joke. this is a ridiculous reason to be given points because every single officer within the KSP has pointed a firearm at another officer with no repercussion, i understand it was wrong but i don't believe it is point worthy as the same officer who issued me the points gave a warning to someone else about the exact same issue, he was also un-professional when i decided i wanted to appeal my points. Any evidence to support this: https://medal.tv/clips/9399026/d1337f0RsM1p https://medal.tv/clips/9399068/d1337Vc9ylCo Have you requested reasons for your discipline (if yes, please paste them as a reply to this appeal): these points are very limiting for me, my main goal is to get within a special department and perform very well and professional, i feel as if my chance has just been given away when i could have had a simple telling off or been told not to do it again. Do you know the case against you (have you seen the evidence)? was a ingame matter. Do you request the Kamdan Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee obtain all evidence help by the government in relation to your case? no.
  3. Kieran Jenks

    Father Pablo - No Value of Life

    i was getting it as you were screaming at me. and i did value my life.
  4. Kieran Jenks

    Father Pablo - No Value of Life

    it was very scuffed but i did value my life, you told me to get my taser i did, you told me to put my hands on my head i did, you gave me way to many demands for me to comply with
  5. Kieran Jenks

    Father Pablo - No Value of Life

    i was getting my taser out my car i valued my life
  6. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ In Game Name: Father Pablo Amount of Hours: 827 Age (17 +): 17 Steam 64ID: 76561198849126759 Previous Gangs: Playboys Money Balance: 505k Level (20 +): 62 Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate?: good gang, very active know a few members and could work really well within di pintos ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
  7. Kieran Jenks

    Father Tescobar Comp Request

    Name: Father Tescobar Steam64ID: 76561198849126759 Date of Incident: 12/10/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:11AM Amount your claiming: 65K Description of situation: i was previously in prison and got released but then when the server restarted it put me back in prison and wiped my inventory Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/GXJdnr9 can also show prior footage of me just joining the server
  8. Kieran Jenks

    a rebel state island

    I’ve never ever heard this mans name yet he’s top? Hmmmm
  9. Kieran Jenks

    a rebel state island

    -1 toxic
  10. Kieran Jenks

    a rebel state island

  11. Kieran Jenks

    a rebel state island

    Sounds like taki
  12. Kieran Jenks

    a rebel state island

    So what you asking for is Taki life with anzus in the name?
  13. Kieran Jenks

    a rebel state island

    -1 don’t ask me to plus 1 it
  14. Kieran Jenks


  15. Kieran Jenks

    Ronny Mansion EMS

    HIRED Dear @RonnyMansion I am glad to inform you that you have been hired for the Kamdan Medical Department. Yours, Pablo Wells sincerely, Human Resources.
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