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  1. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Decamp script

    You can just take them to support.
  2. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Decamp script

    -1. If you remove this its going to turn into alrp tbh, just drive around someone initiates on you and you hop out spraying them down instantly giving no time to react. This is a roleplay server if someone has a gun on you when you are in a car you need to value your life, if you don't like it go play a wasteland server or something.
  3. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Level Cap

  4. Trix Lepracaun'o

    anzus backpack at rebel

    I agree!
  5. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Add Kangaroo’s Bank

    -rep big backdoor.
  6. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Community Meeting [Economy Wipe, New modpack]

    I think this is a good thing because it invites new players to the every day player base.
  7. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Girlfriend of Anzus

    Maybe 😛
  8. Trix Lepracaun'o


    I think this should be in place, I 100% agree that it should be a perm ban because the only people who say it are 12 tbh.
  9. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Fix This Rule

    Depends where you were facing, if you were facing away from the player in real life you can't just 180 and shot him, so if you do 180 I think it's NVL in my option.
  10. Trix Lepracaun'o

    Camping Traders? Should it be allowed?

    I think that it should be allowed to a certain extent.
  11. Trix Lepracaun'o

    EMO Gang - Applications Open

    NAME: Trix Shakur (need to change my name on the forums) HOURS ON ARMA 3: 1.5k DISCORD: Trix#9389 STEAM 64UID: will give you it over pms
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