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Muj Santana

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  1. Muj Santana

    Sly cooper KSP application

  2. Muj Santana

    Dom Carmine KSP Application

    +1 Would make a great officer
  3. Muj Santana

    Jonathan Maryus KSP Application

    +1 I've known him forever and he will be a great officer
  4. Muj Santana

    Mike Wolfe's Police App

  5. Muj Santana

    Cam Sox | KSP Application

    +1 Holy shit the amount of referrals, if that doesn’t say something I don’t know what does
  6. Muj Santana

    Cam Sox | KSP Application

    +1 spent time with cam I believe he deserves to be a peace officer
  7. Muj Santana

    Jimmy Cunt Offical gang rule suggestion

    +1, 1 official gang already scares new players. 2 would make them reconsider playing
  8. Muj Santana

    Dre Reddington - KSP Application

    +1 From what he told me I think he would be a great fit for the KSPD.
  9. Muj Santana

    Muj Santana - KSP Application

    Name: Muj Santana Age: 16 Date of Birth: 5/5/2003 Steam 64 ID: 76561198164986081 NOTE: You will require 2 references from Corporal+ for your application to be processed Reference 1: Consuela Redd Reference 2: Patrick Star How did you require these references? I acquired the first reference I got from Sheriff Consuela Redd by completing tasks given to me by him and I completed them to his satisfactory which he gave me a reference for. The second reference I acquired from Corporal Patrick Star was by me talking to him about some Ideas I had and changes that I think the police force should do, and for that I received a reference as he thought they were insightful and possible. Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I would like to become a police officer in the Kamdan state police department because I really want another outlet to have fun and help out newer players. I would also like to become a police officer in the Kamdan state police department because I like the job that DOC does, I would like to join DOC and stay as it after cadetship. I would also like to join the police force because it seems like a lot of fun to help others and make sure the prison is secure and to interact with the prisoners that Corrections officers deal with on a daily basis. I have been wanted to become a corrections officer since I first came to the island and want to follow that dream and become a corrections officer. I feel I could really improve my roleplay experience on this server for myself and for other players if I could become a corrections officer as I am very invested into the roleplay of a situation whenever I am engaged into a situation. Finally I would like to become a Kamdan state police officer because it seems like an honorable role that needs to be filled and done correctly. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): Arma 2 OLRPG Server I was: Cicada Police Department Corporal Cicada Police Department K9 Handler Cicada Police Department Aviation Department What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): I am very fit to become a Kamdan state police officer because I am very patient and understanding when it comes to dealing with other players and people in real life. I am very capable of keeping my cool in any situation whether it be a verbal dispute, a gun firefight, or a situation in game. I should also become a kamdan state police office because I am very mature when it comes to getting serious in game, I know the difference and when its time to have fun in game as well as when it is time to get serious in game. I should also become a police officer because I am very experienced in arma games as I started playing arma 2 back in 2014 and played arma 3 life and learned a lot about arma games and life servers. I can also be a very proficient kamdan police officer because I am a very good shot and a very good pvper in general. I can also be a very good police officer because I am very active and am on pretty much every day after I finish up working. I can also be a very good police officer because I can make quick and good decisions in seconds. Anything that you would like to add?: Nothing, just hope to be working with you guys soon
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