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  1. Kamdan Life 2.6.4 Google Drive (1GB): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NVXnGwmskSXM1VWIMsurK4-L2_-Q8QNb/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: Thank you to all the people who helped with this update! - Doug Car robbery mission (will be enabled mid week) Explanation: Random cars spawn across the map in different spots and people can break into them like houses. You get a lot of random stuff like money, phones etc that can be sold at the burglary store. Items needed: Lockpick Commonly spawned in car parks all across the map Cops are sometimes notified New farming system Currently only uses Weed Plants and Mushroom Plants You get mushroom seeds from the market and cannabis seeds from rebel/illegal trader Plant your plants on brown fertile land (Example here) If you plant on skystead farm land the growing time is halved You can't plant 2KM from the processors Both items have been slightly buffed and we will monitor their costs over the next week You get EXP when you harvest the plants New gang uniforms Children of Gaben DND UN Pegasus PMC Cocaine Cowboys UrDeed TSGF NTD New police uniforms DOC Complete rework Patrol Complete rework State Command/Command new police skins CRT Complete rework New SWAT tiger vehicle Map changes The goal of the map changes is too make less roads for more player interaction. If you have any suggestions on how to fix this feel free to post under suggestions. Note: These changes are not fine tuned yet but we ran out of time. New grass texture New farm texture Highway between Amber Trailer Park and Rebel Changed Garys Gas Stop and Rebel turnoff intersection changed Highway under LSD going towards DOC changed Oldsbury highway no longer exists it now goes straight through Oldsbury New bridge east of Oldsbury Sheriff office moved Police training remade/moved DOJ HQ moved outside DOC Two new lakes made New port Military ship moved Military ship is now in land too see if it makes it done more often It has ways to enter the ship without helicopters but helicopters can still be useful New Streamer Death Freecam Added Transport truck weapon buff Transport truck weapon bug fixed Commonwealth Bank slightly nerfed from average $600,000 to $500,000 Ford raptor space now 60 National Bank changes Second entrance on the right hand side (SWAT can blow this with blasting charges) HUGE optimization changes to make it pretty much no lag Female heads added Halved the volume of the EC helicopter New jail uniform DOC release is now at a bus stop away from national bank Lots of backend changes for future updates Removed ability to keychain people in combat Can longer give items from an infinite distance
  2. Dillon Boyd

    Kamdan Life Changelog - 2.1.4

    MODPACK UPDATE: NO ROLLING CHANGE LOG - LIVE Added: Confirmation when storing vehicles with items in inventory. Added: Change-log to noticeboard. Fixed: Some commonwealth banks not being locked. Fixed: Crazy Chemist interaction not working. Fixed: Crazy Chemist interaction not working. Fixed: A few vehicle window tints being dark. (Please post any vehicles with tinted windows in bug reports if you find any) Fixed: An item and XP exploit. Fixed: Spoon progress bar not disappearing. Fixed: Some signs underground around the map. Fixed: Being able to interact with processors from long distances. Removed: A few buildings in Kamdan central to test fps performance.
  3. Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11puGM_e0DYG3hKpzL6x51L9GyJE8JNi2/view For google drive: Drag all the contents inside the google drive Addons folder into your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life Addons folder Arma 3 Sync: If you didnt change your Arma 3 Sync last week check out: https://www.anzus.life/topic/7332-new-arma-3-sync-ip/ 500MB modpack update Note: We have a new stats page, thanks to Hero : Either click "Player Stats" at the top or click here https://www.anzus.life/klstats/ New Military ship (Note its completely re-written since 1.0) Buy Virus USB from rebel Go to military ship, hack the mainframe and it will give you a code (REMEMBER THIS CODE) Go to the center ship terminal where you will enter the code Then go to the bridge and download the data onto your USB Go back to the mainframe and enter the USAF database and it will give you a code (REMEMBER THIS CODE) At this point you get a USB worth $200,000 at illegal trader, you can choose to go on or sell the item earlier for. Go to the USAF communication center and enter the code Go to the USAF Intel center and download the unecnrypted data and sell for $400,000-$750,000 profit. New noticeboard on loading (We can change this on demand for new rules/changes without restarting the server) New "The Lost Angels" quest ($75,000 reward) New KSP SWAT bearcat Removed all Trees and spaced them out more we've decreased the trees by more than 50% Replaced M14 op rounds with the non-op ones Added some new houses (not buyable yet but in the screenshots) Added some new buildings around the map Paycheck centre added to Jacksonville to be close to DOC Fixed multiple dupe methods Fixed multiple server exploits DoD hacking time decreased by 60 seconds (Federal Reserve) PsiGang uniform added Mongrel Mob uniform added Russian playboys uniform updated Outlaw uniform added Green Machine uniform added Delgado uniform added Added new underground tunnels to the water (will eventually have an underwater major crime that involves theses) Added M16A6 back to SWAT Anix island runway added
  4. Dillon Boyd

    Kamdan Life 2.0.4 Changelog

    Thanks to all the development team for their work on this update.
  5. Dillon Boyd

    Kamdan Life 2.0.4 Changelog

    1GB modpack update Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fZA1IttpJaVwEZyL8StBaj6da1hOHCU9/view?usp=sharing For google drive: Drag all the contents inside the google drive Addons folder into your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life Addons folder Arma 3 Sync: (Updated 1710 Hours NZT) I highly suggest you use google drive for this update as sync will take a long time, if you need help join teamspeak and our staff team can help out. Casino Major Crime Drill bag (Burglary store) Boltcutters (Rebel/Burglary store) Gold bar trader is top left CIA Quest Packages Similar to relics, small boxes placed across the map Finish it at "Shady Crim" for the exp New seized weapons/evidence crate building You need to turn off the power on the roof before starting seized weapons to turn off the power (GIF HERE) Cartel "Defunding Mafia Quest" is now Casino instead of Bank Evidence crate now requires 9 cops instead of 8 Evidence crate bug fixed Street lights added around the whole map 3 new private islands added to the map ready for purchase $ Gang uniforms Tiller uniform added SPARK robot uniform added MT6 uniform added Manarello uniform added Orange Templar uniform added Playboy uniform added Removed bullet proof car from cop shop Removed cop car from civilian car shop Cops now show up as a blue marker for medics instead of Red Changed intro music Server will now auto repair terrain every 30 minutes Fixed minor bugs/exploits New intro music Cop lights fixed on broken cars (yay)
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