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Dillon Boyd

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  1. Dillon Boyd

    Jose Mourinho - Transfer Request

  2. Dillon Boyd

    Oliver Ericsson - Transfer Request

  3. Dillon Boyd

    Bounty Hunter

    Hello, Thank you for making a suggestion. We currently have no plans on adding a bounty hunter license to the game. We would not want this to me something people unlock as a skill or buy ingame. This is something that can of course be discussed if proposed in a roleplay sense (doj put forward or something).
  4. Dillon Boyd

    Do so that contacts doesn't transfer

  5. Dillon Boyd

    EMS stuff

    Hello, your suggestion is approved. We plan on adding medical missions in the future. thank you Dillon
  6. Dillon Boyd

    LSD & "Mushrooms"

    Hello, LSD and Weed has been buffed over the last few updates. The new system WILL stay and minor changes may be made. The growing time, processing time and sell price may be adjusted over time to better suit the economy. Thank you Dillon
  7. Dillon Boyd

    a possibility for a news team please read Doug and developers

    //Locked & moved. Duplicate thread of approved suggestion
  8. Dillon Boyd

    Redo Criminal Code

    Hello, With the recent DOJ coming in some changes are in the works. Expect some changes in the future. Thank you Dillon
  9. Dillon Boyd

    Remove Commonwealth banks as major crimes

    Hello, Thank you for making a suggestion. Commonwealth banks are something that allows a small or large group of people to rob with a decent paycheck currently. The rule added around the number of cops that can respond has changed the balance & the success rate of the robbery.
  10. Dillon Boyd

    Meth Van Idea

    Seeing that there has been no comment added on to this I will assume it is closed. Maybe there are some things we can do with the van to spice it up in the future. //closed and moved
  11. Dillon Boyd

    Hunting Grounds

    Hello, Thank you for making a suggestion. I have approved the suggestion and added it to the list of things to do for the future. Hopefully, we can get this added at some time.
  12. Dillon Boyd

    CQC Server.

    Hello, Thank you for your suggestion. CQC may be nice to test your skills and help get better at combat. Currently, the development team focus is on 3.0 development. I am currently going to deny this suggestion for now. Maybe this is something we can look at adding later on.
  13. Dillon Boyd


    Approved. We will look into doing things for bitcoin in the future after or during 3.0 development.
  14. Dillon Boyd

    Kamdan National Bank

    Hello, We are aware of the back door being not breachable. This has already been added on things to do and hopefully it will be fixed soon. We may make minor adjustments to assets as needed however it is important to remember how much time it may take to make something like a national bank. The bank will not be completely redesigned. Thank you Dillon
  15. Dillon Boyd

    Move Main Bank To Middlesborough To *Potentially* Increase FPS

    Suggestion accepted. The bank will be moved soon™️
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