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  1. DelicousPez

    CID powers to search and seize

    I get where you are coming from, but if the cops find the meth van in your house, they have to investigate it further. In order for them to be able to search any crates or raid you must also be online otherwise your crates won't actually be there. It's how it's been for quite awhile and we haven't had one of those situations before. The whole point of a house is having a discrete location to store your items but making meth in it literally shows the entire server where your house is, so expect your gang rivals or the PD to come investigate.
  2. DelicousPez

    CID powers to search and seize

    CID officers will normally raid the house if there is a meth van present. Some officers decide to get a warrant instead but since the meth van itself is used in the manufacturing of narcotics we have been told previously that a warrant is not NEEDED if the Van is inside the building. That could change but would be up to Police Command and DOJ to decide. In general though, if you are going to try do meth easier at your house don't be surprised when the police rock up.
  3. DelicousPez

    Remove Commonwealth banks as major crimes

    Sounds like something small groups would hit while other groups are at a major delaying cops, hit 2-3 of these whilst negotiating with a few hostages and the cops can't do much.
  4. DelicousPez

    Only 1 of each major per restart suggestion.

    @Ivan Georgiev I don't think it will reduce majors but will instead at variety, hopefully increasing the interest for all players involved. If people are doing the same thing over and over again it's going to get stale, best we try to stop it before people get bored of it and keep asking for new majors. I'm not against the idea of increasing the rewards from other majors as they should all be somewhat similar but having a variety is needed to keep things fresh and interesting.
  5. DelicousPez

    A few things [Must read]

    The past few updates have hit the cops the most? Removed smokes, making yet another way to break out of prison, civs can search and find flash bangs and grenades? I feel like the past changes definitely haven't been cop sided.
  6. DelicousPez

    Delicous Pez Staff App

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Personal Details In-game name: Delicous Pez Age: 20 Steam 64 ID: 76561198054751631 Timezone/Region: AEST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: Over a year, A year and 4-6 months. Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): Uh, kind of? SMT and most of SLT will know the full story (Its a long one). What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): I’ve been around in the community for some time now, been around since the old AU map days. I have primarily been cop focused during my time on ANZUS & have worked my way through the PD ranks a few times. Despite being around for so long I have never applied for staff, looking to change it up and give it a shot. I’m used to helping people out, worked in tech support previously so would be able to help out with general game/mod issues people have. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): As stated above, I am pretty good with tech support and should be able to help most people with any mod-pack/server issues. I have been a high ranking officer in the ANZUS PD multiple times, even ran it at one point. I think I could use the skills I got from running the PD such; educating new officers on SOPs/rules, dealing with punishments/SOP breaks and more. I’m also an ANZUS veteran, been around for a pretty long time and have a good understanding of the rules & know most people that play during the AU / EU time zones. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: I have got experience being admin on servers from a couple years back, a couple people probably remember some of the OG AU servers that I was involved with. Also was the old AComm/Comm on ANZUS before it turned NA/EU focused, so definitely had some power in that position.
  7. DelicousPez

    Judge Kilbourne - LAWYER APP

    + 1 good fella
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