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  1. Jordan Schneider

    Russian Roulette?

    Gambling events would definitely bring more content to the island and it seems like a cool idea, having the ability to gamble with friends and win while you watch others suffer in despair after losing all of their money. This also depends if the server allow individuals who are younger to participate, because this can spread influence in a bad way if you know what I mean.
  2. Jordan Schneider

    Girlfriend of Anzus

    I have one question for guys. Are you a Girlfriend of Anzus! XD
  3. Jordan Schneider

    DOC Internal Lockdown

    I was picturing in a case scenario of a nuclear bomb threat all the cops head into a bunker below which is also Hazard proof to radiation.
  4. Jordan Schneider

    KMD Application - Spencer White

    That's a pretty good application right down de're! +1 -_0
  5. Jordan Schneider

    Where do I find the furry heads ?

    Hell yeah!
  6. Jordan Schneider

    Dylan Cook - Hacker

    Somebody probably drove to fast into lsd processing and blew every vehicle up.
  7. Jordan Schneider

    Custom faces

    The custom faces would bring interesting characters to the table as in such roleplay situations, but would ultimately come to a disappointed point of view due to the "premade" faces created by the developers.
  8. Jordan Schneider


    Welcome Dunxan to the forums I hope you enjoy your stay with us here on the Anzus Life Forums! If you do want to play on the server just send me over message...
  9. Jordan Schneider

    EMT Application for 1 Edouard Arnaud

    Would make a fantastic Medic on the Anzus life server! +1
  10. Jordan Schneider

    Faster swimming???

    Yes, please.... we need enhanced swimming skills! +1
  11. This application has fantastic character, you will surely become an Attorney if you keep this up! +1
  12. Jordan Schneider


    Buy a truck that you personally think is more reliable...
  13. Jordan Schneider

    Jordan Schneider - Ban Appeal

    Your in-game name: Jordan Schneider Your SteamID64: 76561198267269712 Appeal Type: Ban Dispute (Default) Who banned you: Jake Dingas Why were you banned: General Rule Breaking Ban duration: 3 Days (Extended off of the 20H) Why should you be unbanned? (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence): I know that I have hurt the community as well as shamed the staff team by breaking rules and lying to them, and i'm sorry for that. I have also shamed myself by creating alternative forum accounts in boosting my points for my own advantage, and breaking rules in-game which has affected players in the community. For this I can never be forgiven and recognized as a figure for which players can lean on for support. I take complete responsibility for my actions. If there is a way, the slightest chance I can redeem myself please allow me to repent my actions and come back to the community and the server with a changed heart. And I promise to insure that every situation and action that I do on the Anzus server will follow the rules. I have fallen so deep in the community that there is almost no way out of the hole. I am sorry staff, and I am sorry Anzus.
  14. Jordan Schneider

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

    If we make the guns cheaper or more expensive it could off throw the balance of the economy. But oh well, let's do it! Great Post +1
  15. Jordan Schneider

    Where do I find the furry heads ?

    The masks were only used for testing purposes as well as being fun. We will definitely see more of them very soon in the future!
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