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David Chang

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  1. David Chang

    Infantry Application - David Chang

    General Information: Name: David Chang Age: 16 Date of Birth: 10/04/2003 Timezone: PST Applicant Questions: Do you have any prior experience in Milsim?: Yes I do, 8 months as infantry making my way up to Squad Lead and Vice Commandant of Recruitment for a community called Tactical Combat Gaming. What is your desired squad role, if any (AT, Grenadier, Rifleman, etc): I do not mind, I will take whatever position is available and needed. Why do you want to join the Infantry? [35 Word Minimum]: I would like to join the Infantry Division because it is what I have the most experience in. I believe that I will be able to perform to the best of my ability in something I have done in the past for a lengthy amount of time. Have you applied for any other roles?: Negative How long have you been part of ANZUSGaming and have you ever been banned?: I've been part of Anzus Gaming since the summer of 2019 but I took a large break during the school year. I've been back for 4.5 months now. I've been banned once for a minor thing but it was during the no leniency week. I got a 10 hour ban but I appealed it within the first hour because it wasn't worth the amount of points I received. Anything else you'd like to add?: I'll always be willing to learn and I hope you'll have me.
  2. David Chang

    [SERVER EVENT] TRIO WARS! [$10,000,000 Prize Pool]

    Team name: Triple ChinTeam member 1: Lucas Chang - 76561198264849578Team member 2: Jimmy Paterno - 76561198211479752Team member 3: Vespyr Large - 76561198180969003
  3. Reading this made my heart beat faster. Epic update thanks dev team.
  4. David Chang

    Call to take the Kings County Bar | July 2020

    I have submitted my application. My name on the application is: David Chang
  5. Good shit. Thanks for the great updates.
  6. David Chang

    New Policies and Rule Sets [Majors, ACU and more]

    Got me at new DOJ building.
  7. David Chang

    A few things [Must read]

    If you see this as a problem in DOC record and report. You'll find out cops aren't actually breaking rules as much as you think.
  8. David Chang

    9000 Member giveaway!

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