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  1. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DmimwxqoGz8UrmkWCz7TXXlmICjse5Me/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: (Note this is a new IP address so you will need to re-import this) Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ms0z136uTkoFtJNW2q1SB9DJQ0yEur_/view?usp=sharing Big thanks to: George Matthews, Dillon Boyd, Zack Green, Tono Tono, John Doe, William Boyd, Oliver Ericsson, Myran Abrosa, Jake Miller and Douglas Jumper PISTOLS ONLY UNTIL MONDAY Added Skills - Currently it's only 3 skills, but we'll add more throughout the week. You gain exp in these skills by doing task. Higher skills = more products received by doing those tasks. The higher your level, the harder it gets to level up. Added Skills Phone App - This is a temporary UI that we plan on replacing, but we want to flesh out the entire skills system before we decide on a final UI. Added Sunken military ship major Added Blackjack (Requires Gambling License, 18+ only) Added Coinflip Added Oil Rig Robbery Added SDARs to rebel & Police & CG weapon shops Added Shipping Container random event Added CoastGuard EXP reward for removing pirate ship Added Drug Manufacturing (Joints) Added Drug Trafficking (Sell joints to random houses) Added Skills Phone App - This is a temporary UI that we plan on replacing, but we want to flesh out the entire skills system before we decide on a final UI. Added Tow truck job Added Kings County Mint building (Major coming soon) Added Bicycle backpacks (thanks to Taurus) Added New police vest including badge numbers on the chest Added VICE Unit Added Twitter App (Currently disabled, due to a small bug, we've pulled it from initial release. It'll be back in within the next 2 days) Added 100+ new hats for faction and normal donator shop Added House Stark gang uniform Added Park ranger vehicles Added Added server whitelisting (If you're kicked for not being whitelisted, join waiting for tags) Added New gas station w/ managers office Added 5% chance to get managers keycard to access the managers vault Fixed Cartel money printer will no longer reset your money to 0 Fixed Spam calling with the phone Fixed Airport Major Hack Fixed Chemical Leak reward Fixed Medical system, pistols now 1 shot in the head, .338 Lapua 1 shots, etc - Much like it was before. Fixed southern middle bridge so it can be raised and lowered. Fixed Throw Bug (This should fix it fully, but let MrBoolean know if it's still happening. You will still get throw, but as soon as you damage someone with it, it'll be fixed) Fixed Jail HUD to work on all screen sizes Fixed Mining sounds now play when mining Fixed DOC Police Station (doors etc) Fixed Pepsi Uniform Fixed Crusader Vest Fixed Multiple trees throughout the map Updated Renamed unlockable skills to perks on phone Updated USAF Major now only requires 9 CG instead of 12 Updated Disabled damage on all the bridges, this should fix them breaking Updated Notorius Gangsters uniform Updated Paradise Shore Map Changes Go Kart Track Added Beach Added Trees
  2. We have over 9,000,000 log entries in our database. It'd nearly impossible to clearly remove all that money. It's been too long since it was spawned in
  3. We're nearly half way between 3.0 and 4.0, and if you read the post, you'd see the issue w/ spawned in money from the leaked hack client. Over 1/3rd of the economy was spawned in.
  4. Yes due to the way things will be changing, it's completely different.
  5. This was the plan, we'd do a pre-wipe purge event like always
  6. It'd take 1/3 of the time to get to the same level with triple exp on the first week.
  7. 55 people voted within 30 seconds of the ping going out - no way they even read the thread
  8. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oUCBch0C7ocbCaPh6qJu36weQwW4y6KV/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: (Note this is a new IP address so you will need to re-import this) Google Drive Full: Added New DOC/Evidence Locker Building (Note a few door issues were found just before release of this, they will be fixed next week) Added Mitsubishi Evo Added Chiron S 2020 Added Shipment mission Cargo containers are delivered to the ports Civilians can come search/loot them for drug bricks/weaponry Coastguard can come search/seize the loot Added New gang uniforms Added Way more accurate combat logging checks, this should reduce on the amount of false positives Added Cleanup of deleted loadouts Added Fast shooting exploit fixes, details classified Added New flashbang model Added Weep family hat Added New EMS Fseries, Tiger and Jetski Added New KSCO hats Fixed Heli crashes full killing you and sending you to debug Fixed Drowning issues full killing you and sending you to debug Fixed Loadouts checking your cash balance instead of your bank Fixed Military Ship so it no longer takes your USB Virus if there aren't enough coast guard online Fixed Death camera so it closes when you get revived Fixed Blood diamonds, process blood diamonds now weigh less than unprocessed, instead of the other way around Fixed Lab interaction to "Rob Lab" to be civilian only Fixed Carried players so they're automatically dropped when being carried upon respawn Fixed DOC Internal so you can now lockpick the doors Fixed Mafia/Cartel capture exploits on downed players Fixed Downed players from being able to open the map Fixed Dead players are now hidden on GPS Fixed Actions (robbing, majors, etc) now get canceled if you die Fixed Your voice is reset when you die Fixed Your voice is now reset after being knocked out, so if your voice is broken, have someone knock you out and it should fix it. Fixed You can no longer restrain dead players Fixed You can no longer steal multiple paintings at the same time Fixed Gave Commision their island, good job winning gang wars Fixed You can no longer use scroll actions while dead Fixed Fixed drowning from perma killing you Fixed Fixed Stabilize Fixed Fixed Death Camera Fixed Fixed F1 to Respawn Fixed Players get Unrestrained and Unshackled when respawning Fixed Players get Unrestrained and Unshackled when they're released from prison Fixed Any attached objects (hostages, etc) are now detached (let go) before teleporting you out of prison Fixed Added medical assistant to cross river clinic Fixed Hid tree in main bridge Fixed If you happen to Fully die, which you shouldn't, you won't get stuck on debug, but will instantly get the respawn menu. Please report how you fully died if it happens in #bug-reports on discord. Fixed Removed DOC Statues from the Yard Fixed Replaced DOC towers with properly locking ones Updated Antihack to use the new death system for logging deaths Updated Combat Logging to the new death system Updated Meth van to 6 meter distance instead of 3 Updated Bus payout from $150 to $750 per run Updated Hunger/thirst to use the new death system Updated Lots of trees added around to fill empty spots Updated Some of the oil rigs to a new model Updated Blood diamonds back to old island Removed A soccer ball script that had been running in the background, causing lag issues. Removed Broken ladders from a few of the oil rigs Removed Lobby button on respawning players As a small note, while there wasn't a massive amount of new content added this week, we spent the majority of the week fixing bugs and implementing smaller fixes for both new and old issues. I'd like to apologize personally as I spent majority of my time doing bug fixing to try and get the code base into a better place before we start cranking out new features again. I'd also like to thank everyone that has taken the time to submit bug reports via the discord #bug-reports channel, as well as on the forums. You might have noticed I've been extremely active in both of these places trying to clear them out of as many reports as possible. As a personal note, I'd like to thank everyone that's been giving good praise towards the development team. Every single member of the team is working very hard to bring the Anzus community new features every week and we've got some really juicy content in the works. Every time you guys show your appreciation towards the development team, it increases morale for the entire team and reminds us why we're doing this. TLDR Thanks for thanking us - we like it - enjoy
  9. Due to Bohemia releasing a broken update (1.96) and saying they won't have a fix out for at least another day (see below). Here is how you download to 1.94 in order to continue playing on the server... Step 1 Open the beta properties tab of arma 3 properties inside your steam launcher. Step 2 Enter "Arma3Legacy194" into the beta access code input, then press check code. IF THE CODE DOESN'T WORK - Restart steam and try again Step 3 Select the Legacy Build (1.94) dropdown from the list above the input. Step 4 Wait for your arma 3 to update to the legacy build. Then launch and play like normal. We will make an announcement when we're ready to move back to the latest stable release branch of arma 3. Dwarden from Bohemia Interactive's latest update.
  10. Just a small one today lads, no mod pack update Added: Real Shank Weapon Added: EMS to GPS prefix Added: Hospital Objects (x-ray, bed, etc) Changed: Major Crime timer reduced from 30 minutes to 25 minutes Fixed: Quest Exploits Fixed: Winchester Major Crime Fixed: Police Loadout on spawn Fixed: Streamer Spectator Camera (on death) Removed: DOJ Crane Removed: SWAT G-Wagon Removed: Virtual Shank
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