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  1. Scotty Frag

    Gang Bank

    Make it so gangs can use their gang bank to buy items from the market like the y inventory. So they can buy blasting charges, and bolt cutters and all that good shit with their gang bank and not only their personal bank.
  2. Scotty Frag

    Ivan Georgiev Frag video

    I was waiting for your swat clips tbh didn't even know you played civ bc of how dead the gang is
  3. Scotty Frag

    Weapons cache

    They use to spawn like once every 45 minutes now you get 2 a restart and one of them you can't even get because it restarts before it hits the ground.
  4. Scotty Frag

    Evidence locker

    Maybe keep all the items from 2 restarts because right now no-one even tries evidence locker because it's impossible to get into DOC to do one it needs some kind of change.
  5. Scotty Frag

    Only 1 of each major per restart suggestion.

    Civilans do the same major crimes because they pay the most money and are easy to hold no1 does military ship because you have to fly there and get a shit payout for so many steps no-one does art gallery anymore because of the payout. if the payouts for places were increased more people would do the majors that are there but the payouts are so small for the effort taken at military ship or art gallery and the commonwealths. Also no-one can get into DOC to do evidence locker because cops insta stop you or spike you and you get arrested its damn near impossible if you don't fly in with a hostage or drive in with one. So -1 unless payouts increased
  6. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    You've played the server for a day you dont understand how boring it is after you've done it all and you dont need money
  7. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    Dog this idea is to give official gangs something to do besides rob people because rn theres rob people and major crimes
  8. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    When I get home you're done what's ur gang
  9. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    You said you would kill all of di pinto you wont kill their worst players I'll literally 1vx how many of youa re in ur gang I'm literally top of the server quality
  10. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    I was on topic you sounding like a dumbass. But you're 11 and try to act like some mature 60 year old man that's experienced a full life and knows what maturity is also I promise I'm 10x smarter than you'll ever be
  11. Scotty Frag

    Christian Thomas - Player Report

    I was literally fucking with Kyle because he used to be in spark with me also yall got revived and still performed a detain on me and stripped me when you lost the situation which was aids I tried hitting Kyle not you because I knew you would cry about it which is why I was laughing because I was fucking around. Sorry that you dont have fun with anything ever give me the points I guess if hes going to be that petty. Also you got revived so you should've left kyle died twice and you still patted me down lol.
  12. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    Also there would be a bridge and it would be high risk high reward and he said it could be bankable to take the island guns and go fight cops or civs off the island
  13. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    Callum ur dog u get no frags relax
  14. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    Allen you sound like a fucking dumbass no1 cares about your opinion you're s shadow scrub a dead gang and you're garb not wanting pvp because you blow dong I literally look for fights all day bc it's boring otherwise. Also you dont say someone's not committed to the community you sound like a idiot. No1s committed let someone else make a server that's popular not naming names and everyone's going to it
  15. Scotty Frag

    a rebel state island

    Well bud when you try rping you get shot in the face which is boring but you know what's fun major crimes and gunfights
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