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  1. Scotty Fragz


    I don't know whos idea this was I want the server to go back to the way it was with gun play. I really loved the server when civs had EPR and low ranking cops had EPR, mid ranks had SOST, and Swat had SBLR. I don't know why this was changed it was way more fun now that everyone has SOST gunfights are boring I shoot someone twice and they die. Also everyone that has a jack carbine is damn near unkillable it shoots fast has low recoil and 2 taps along with the LAR. Revert back to what I said for ranking of cops and civs. It actually gave civs a reason to rob cops other than to have a gunfight please
  2. Scotty Fragz

    Insomnia (Official)

    He just challenged you jack give him the smoke like you couldnt give me 😘😘😘
  3. Scotty Fragz

    Frag Montage Girls

    What's your name on altis you play oly right
  4. Scotty Fragz


    Name: Scotty Fragz Name of player you are reporting: Jacob Daniel Date of Incident: 11/17/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 9:30pm Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 7.1 – You must always value your life as though it was real life, you must actively attempt to avoid being murdered by either complying or avoiding situations.7.2 – If there is a weapon pointed at you by someone and you do not have a weapon in your hand you must comply and you may not pull a firearm, if there is safe cover within a reasonable distance you may take cover instead. Staff have the final say on whether you valued your life or not. Description of Incident: I went to rob him he tried running pulling gun so I tased him puta gun on him he ran off and tried driving off with 2 guns on him. Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5dd201ca25bfe1f455/nvl (70k comp for his gear seeing as this made me and joel die to his gang member losing the k98k and my gearset its a small amount) Have you already been to support about this incident: No If so what was the result of the support case: No
  5. Scotty Fragz

    Discord Ban

    Name: HooDi#5969 In-Game Name: Scotty Fragz Steam 64 ID: 76561198135657789 What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): I'm banned from the discord and I didn't even do anything I wasn't told anything either Do you have any photos/videos of this:
  6. Scotty Fragz

    No Recoil Gang (NRG) | Recruitment

    About Us NRG is the gang of unity. We focus on team refinement and personal advancement. For whatever your specialty may be, you will be able to utilize it in our gang. Whether it's doing runs, robbing, capturing cartel, fight cap points, or completing federal events; there is a place for you here. Requirements 1. At least 14 years of age (more focus on maturity than age). 2. Have 1000 or more Arma 3 hours (screenshot required). 3. Have 100 or more hours on Anzus Gaming. 4. The ability to be financially stable on the Anzus Gaming servers (If you have guns in your house that's acceptable just add in a screenshot of them). 5. Strong knowledge of the server rules. 6. Able and willing to use radio and keep comms clear and direct when needed. 7. You must be willing to at least play 3 days a week. Application Format IGN: Age: Screenshot of Current Balance/House Inventory: Arma 3 Hours & Screenshot: Anzus Hours: Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join NRG?: What makes you a valuable asset to NRG?: Are there any requirements that you do not meet? Why?: Is there anything else we should know about you?:
  7. Scotty Fragz

    Trade - Mafia & Cartel

    Before this is at all useful mafia needs to have a purpose you get 0 gang taxes for it currently I think they should get something like Uranium or something its pointless to be mafia currently
  8. Scotty Fragz

    Frag Montage Girls

    @Doug Jumper1:26 glass in Winchester bulletproof btw
  9. Scotty Fragz

    KSP-Increase speeds on police cars

    Helllll no like doug said we spends hundreds of thousands on our cars compared to your 7,500 be better drivers we drive off in fast cars they removed the mustang because yall complained but this is un needed yall should set up spikes ahead or set people up the holden goes like 330
  10. Scotty Fragz


    This 2 minutes wills how nothing but me shooting way in front of his vehicle not hitting it at all then them coming back guns blazing about 30 seconds later but its uploading https://plays.tv/video/5dc8c3d49e9ee4533f/exploit
  11. Scotty Fragz


    Well 1 you admitted to it 2 you can see the animation of hopping out were ur in the air aiming straight ahead you hear the f click twice and u shooting instantly also I turned away for about a second and you hop out when I look back. Also I asked around it's not a bug theres a way to do it meaning it's an exploit I asked many people even staff so dont say it's a bug
  12. Scotty Fragz


    Hey pal we went to support they said it wasn't rdm because we didnt hit the vehicle but since it wasnt a rule they said you could accept it as intiation and accident or not I died because of it. Just because you didnt mean to or it was an accident it still caused me to die because I would have gotten cover had you actually had to pull ur gun instead of insta being able to shoot. Also it doesn't need to be 2 minutes it's to show an exploit
  13. Scotty Fragz


    Name: Scotty Fragz Name of player you are reporting: Patricia Starz Date of Incident: 11/10/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 7:30pm EST Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 9.1 – Exploiting in game features to gain an advantage will result in a permanent ban from the community. 9.8 – You must not use ingame features in an unrealistic manner. (Minor Exploiting) (Includes third person'ing THROUGH walls, shooting through walls which you could obviously not shoot through [such as concrete and brick walls], and running through walls) Description of Incident: Cops pulled down shooting us and I kill Deacon and you see Patricks animation of hopping out of the vehicle gun in hand shooting me instantly (If accepted around 75k comp would be great for my entire loadout and money from the robbery Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5dc8b26790dd0bb1a3/exploit Have you already been to support about this incident: Was told to goto the forums If so what was the result of the support case: Look up
  14. Scotty Fragz

    Cop slots/numbers vs CIV

    Not when doing a gas station robbery sorry to tell ya but idc who you are most people ha e 2 or 3 for a gas station you arent winning 2-3vs20
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