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Loxxon Husky

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  1. Loxxon Husky

    Mula Moes / Moe Money - KSCO Application

    DENIED This KCSO application is now Denied [ Criminal Activity] [In Your Application You Said " I've been in the ganglife now for a while, and from time to time I actually feel like there's nothing to do. Eventually, capping a zone, doing a run or at luck a major in EU times" and your applying to a Police Force. This Evidence Has been Record] @Mula Moes Loxxon Husky, KCSO Academy Head Supervisor
  2. Loxxon Husky

    KCSO Application (FIDEL CUERVO) OPEN

    DENIED This KCSO application is now Denied [*Any Editing or changing Application colours or doing slight edits to the Application Template Will Result in Instant Denial*] Feel free to apply in 3 days. @Fidel Cashflo Loxxon Husky, KCSO Academy Head Supervisor
  3. Loxxon Husky

    Kings County 3.9 Hotfix [Modpack update]

    K9 unit Husky Reporting for duty
  4. Loxxon Husky

    Kings County 3.9 [BIGGEST UPDATE SINCE 3.0]

  5. Loxxon Husky

    Crewman Application - Mort Higgins

  6. Loxxon Husky

    Application Status for KCSO: LIMITED

    Kings County Sheriffs Office Application Status: \\ Limited // LIMITED: Applications are currently limited as we are currently full of cadets. We are trying our best to free up some space how ever applications will be reviewed by Police Academy Command when needed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  7. Loxxon Husky


    Hell I would pay for tinted windows
  8. Loxxon Husky


    Real Sweet ! I suggest is it possible to sell the Police Version of the Monster Truck ? The Ford Raptor ?
  9. Real Nice Doug Love it ! Great Job ANZUS Dev Team !
  10. Loxxon Husky

    Loxxon Husky - Crewman Application

    General Information: Name: Loxxon Age: 19 Date of Birth: 15/09/2000 Timezone: AU Applicant Questions: Do you have any prior experience in Milsim?: Yes Why do you want to join the Armor Branch? [55 Word Minimum]: I want to join the Armoured company is because I want to help support the troops and provided covering fire for the men & woman on the field. I am a great Tank gunner operator that has a lot of skills and knowledge of shell drag or know how the tank can perform. If I was to be set as a Armoured convoy car with the 50cal I can handle the accuracy on the point or locate enemy movement or pin point them out to do covering fire etc. If I was not to be picked as a Armoured company I will love to be a machine gunner foot solider. Have you applied for any other roles?: Yes Helicopter Pilot and Combat Medic. How long have you been part of ANZUSGaming and have you ever been banned?: Been part of ANZUS since July 25, 2019. No I have never been banned. Anything else you'd like to add?: I want to apply to this role is because if I was not be able to be placed in a squad of a Combat Medic then I will like to be a armoured company.
  11. Loxxon Husky

    Loxxon Husky - USCG Application

    @Brady Warhorse and @Matt Fairman I have deiced to Void My app. Thank you guys also great win on faction wars!
  12. Loxxon Husky

    Loxxon Husky - USCG Application

    @Brady Warhorse I am aware of that but I would like to keep my App on hold for 5 days starting from now 18/07/2020
  13. Loxxon Husky

    Loxxon Husky - USCG Application

    @Matt Fairman fixed again
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