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  1. Ethanual Twitch

    Di'Pinto Habib bolivia Player Report

    I was at uranium doing a run, your bullets started hitting right next to me, my gang member shot you, be more carefull who you shot next time
  2. // Pending \\ @Callum CalamaroWelcome to the Di'Pinto Crime SyndicatePlease Join This Discord to Conduct an Interviewhttps://discord.gg/aHK65DEthanual Twitch
  3. Ethanual Twitch


    Cop baiting and anticipating a situation are different things, if i have a friend whos doing a run and im protecting him, most likely ill sit 400-500 metres behind him, that normally causes anyone who initates on him to get right up to him rather than setting up far away in position, making it easier to protect him, also if your friend announces over radio that hes being pulled over, we always park like 200-500 metres away so, if posted up 400 metres away with my honey badger and i see cops restrain my friend and chuck him in a car i should be allowed to shoot them. hands down
  4. Ethanual Twitch

    A few things [Must read]

    More changes that benefit only cops, not liking this tbh, cops have more numbers, cheaper and better guns, and the most efficient command chain on the server. They can suck it up and deal with combat. The ammount of time cops have jumped into my gunfights is stupid, cops never roleplay when its needed, any attempt ive made to roleplay with a cop has been ignored and often leads to them restraining me.
  5. // Pending @Jerry Hopper \\Awaiting InterviewPlease Join This Discord To Conduct Your Interview(https://discord.gg/Jy5Ubj)Ethanual
  6. // Pending @RONALDMCDONALD\\Awaiting InterviewPlease Join This Discord To Conduct Your Interviewhttps://discord.gg/Jy5UbjEthanual
  7. Ethanual Twitch


    Also the only thing stopping me from robbing people doing runs atm is thinking they might be new and ill get points, its way to easy to assume were theyre going,
  8. Ethanual Twitch


    so restraining without initation is rdm?
  9. Ethanual Twitch


    Make Capture points do something aswell! capture points are utterly useless as is, they should have processing plants at them, LSD Uranium and maybe make Gallow islands have its own unique run, that makes them worth while, or just yaknow, actually give us the 5k every 5 minuits that were supposed to get from having them captured lol. but maybe add another step to uranium at gallow islands, making the uranium into uranium rods, worth 7.5k each it will make the run take like 15 mins longer and will be impossible to do it in a vevichle other than a heli but will be worth it.
  10. Ethanual Twitch


    Another thing is there needs to be a third drug dealer, bottom left of the map preferably, because as it is, it is to easy to rob people doing drug runs. and most people doing drug runs instead of uranium are low level civs.
  11. Ethanual Twitch


    Firstly cops should have to be in initation to restrain someone, so many times have i been attempting to roleplay with a cop and without them saying anything they just restrain me, especially at doc, ill drive to doc, park in the parking lot, attempt to talk to a cop at the front gate and be restrained and often arrested without ever having the chance to defend myself.
  12. Ethanual Twitch

    New Players Indicator

    Thats cause you were sucking off your gang members
  13. Ethanual Twitch

    Change This Initiation Rule

    you should of shot him even without him initiating, he was KOS
  14. Ethanual Twitch

    Cell phone calling

    -1 would take too much coding and is a useless feature
  15. Ethanual Twitch

    Add the LSD processing fee to Cartel watch too

    Come melbourne cunt ill pop u
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