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Evan Eisen

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  1. Evan Eisen

    Evan Eisen-Point Appeal

    Oh cool awesome!
  2. Evan Eisen

    Evan Eisen-Point Appeal

    Rank: Senior Department: Patrol Badge Number: 243Punishment you where given: 25 PointWhy it should be overturned: It been sometime since the punishment I have learned from my mistake and would like to move on and advance within this police department and move on to different roles like SWAT and CIDAny evidence to support this:
  3. Evan Eisen

    Evan Eisen-LOA Request

    Name: Evan Eisen Rank: Senior Badge Number: 243 Department: Patrol/FTO Start Date: 12/8 End Date:12/23 Reason: work schedule has picked up and I will be going out of town for a week. Signature: Evan Eisen
  4. Evan Eisen

    John Anderson- Aviation Training

    Trainee Name: John Anderson Badge Number: 366 Current Rank: Corporal Trainer Name: Evan Eisen Training Taken: Aviation Training Outcome: Failed and may retake
  5. Evan Eisen

    Mass Training Report- Drivers

    Trainee Name:Tyrone Biglock,Terry Johnson, and John Kingston Badge Number:N/A Current Rank:Cadet Trainer Name:Evan Eisen Training Taken:Drivers Training Outcome:All Passed
  6. Evan Eisen

    Mass Training Report- Firearms

    Trainee Name: Tyrone Biglock, Terry Johnson Badge Number:N/A Current Rank:Cadet Trainer Name:Evan Eisen Training Taken:Firearms Training Outcome:Both Passed
  7. Evan Eisen

    Mass Training Report- Drivers

    Trainee Name: Dylan Englaro, John Haywood Badge Number:N/A Current Rank: Cadet Trainer Name: Evan Eisen Training Taken: Drivers Training Outcome: Both Passed
  8. Evan Eisen

    Mass Training Report- Firearms

    Trainee Name: Dylan Englaro, John Haywood Badge Number: N/A Current Rank: Cadet Trainer Name:Evan Eisen Training Taken:Firearms Training Outcome: Both Passed
  9. Evan Eisen

    Jason Fire - KSP Application

    Really great guy made my DOC experience actually not boring for once.
  10. Evan Eisen

    Lucas Joyner - KSP Application

    Fat +1 great guy.
  11. Evan Eisen

    Evan Eisen-State Police Application

    Name:Evan Eisen Age/Timezone(NA/EU/AS/AU):23 NA Date of Birth: 07 30 1996 Steam 64 ID:76561198161375395 Reference 1:Volker Rameirz Reference 2:Greg Tranto How did you acquire these references? Working with them and as a cop prior to Anzus and through ingame interaction Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I chose the Kamdan State Police Department because its detective bureau seems incredibly fleshed out. My goal is to eventually become a detective. During my time in Arma role play communities the most fun I've had is as CID Detective. I also like that the department has a lot of choices if I decide to not go down the route of becoming a detective there are many other roles that I could take part in. I am also looking into a career in law enforcement in real life and I enjoy the opportunity to take any knowledge I have gained from real life and apply it to my roleplay. I have also been recommended to join from a prior partner in both TNP and Metro PD and they have told me that it is a great department to work for that offers a lot of great roleplay opportunities. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): Arma 3 Life CID, PSISYN Malden Highway Patrol, Republic Life TNP What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): I have an interest in joining my local police department and have talked to many different officers from both my sheriffs department and police department and have studied and tried to learn as much about law enforcement as I can as an outside observer. When it comes to role play my most recent experience in this field was as a detective on Arma-Life where I was tasked with leading an investigation on the most notorious gang on the server. My partner and I used prior information we gained from other operations to figure out what gangs had rivalries and used that to our advantage and gained CIs that infiltrated the gang and got us locations on storehouses that the gang was using to store weapons and drugs. We then proceeded to get warrants through the DOJ and raided the house alongside SWAT. Anything that you would like to add?: I believe I have covered everything I appreciate you taking the time to read my application and consider me as a possible recruit.
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