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  1. Kaiko Kaeo

    Kai Kaeo EMS application

    Personal Information: Name: Kai Kaeo Age: 17 Steam 64UID: 76561198873941835 Timezone: Mountain daylight time Discord ID: Gerald#7107 Questions about yourself: How many hours a week will you be able to play as an KMD EMS member: I will be able to be on for about 10+ hours a week. What is the reason you decided to apply to become a KMD EMS member (100 words minimum): The reason I decided to apply to become KMD EMS is because I often find that the great island of kamdan is often ridden with crime and hurt people, and for that I wish to give back to the great island I live on and the people, I've seen many things in my time that have stuck with me, I've had people die in my arms, now I am back on the island and wish to save lives, rather than see them lost, and if given this opportunity I would save as many lives as possible and leave a positive impact on Kamdan and hopefully help people and show them that Kamdan is a great place to be and that you should not be afraid! Do you have any previous experience as an EMS member: No sir What qualities should a good EMS member have according to you (50 words minimum): I believe that the qualities a good EMS member should have is, Communiocaton, a good EMS will be able to talk and communicate with police and those they are helping without being frustrated, I believe they should have integrity as well, Because with integrity comes great things and responsibility, But most of all I believe that EMS should be caring so that way the victim know they are cared about and not alone and are being helped and shouldnt be afraid. Why do you think you fit the role of an KMD EMS member (50 words minimum): I believe I fit the role of an KMD EMS because I care very much about the people of Kamdan, I want to save lives rather than stand by and watch them be taken, I want to help those in need, I want to show people that kamdan is a safe place to be and it is welcoming, and you should want to be here and not be afraid to be apart of the community of Kamdan. Do you understand your application can be denied for lack of effort (yes/no): yes sir
  2. Kaiko Kaeo

    Kaiko Kaeo KSP Application

    going to ts now just woke up an hour ago
  3. Kaiko Kaeo

    Kaiko Kaeo KSP Application

    Name: Kaiko Kaeo Age: 16(17 in 8 days) Date of Birth: 08/09/2002 Steam 64 ID: 76561198873941835 NOTE: You will require 2 references from Corporal+ for your application to be processed Reference 1: William Ranger Reference 2: Barry Saints How did you require these references? I acquired the references by talking to both of them for a very long time gaining knowledge and they both suggested i apply for ksp and that they would be my references and so they both said the would vouch for me and be references. Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): Why do I want to join KSP, Well the reason I would like to become KSP is because I’ve seen many people go in and out of corrections, I would like to help those people that come in and out reform and become better people, I would like to give back the the great community, We have such a great city and I would like to give back to it. I would like to help those that come in and out off corrections reform, I would like to Protect And Serve the people of Kamden and give back to the community that im greatful to be apart of. I’ve seen so much crime in my life and I would like to be the person that stops them, and brings goodness to Kamden and helps the island. Sincerely, Kaiko Kaeo What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): My previous experience as an LEO are, I was a Sergeant in Kaval Police Department on the server chaotic gaming up until the server died :(, so I have a good amount of experience as a LEO I would have to brush up on 10-code, I remember some but not all. Sincerely, Kaiko Kaeo What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): What makes a good officer is, One that has patients, an officer that has the patients to deal with frustrating people is a good one because if your a patient officer, you will not be quick to use lethal force, a good officer is one that shows authority, that has patients and one that is very well structured, if you can talk to a suspect armed or not, and talk them down rather than using lethal force the outcome will be much better, an officer that reframs to using lethal force as much as possible is a great officer because if they sit and talk to a suspect rather than using lethal force the outcome will be better for both parties. An officer that knows 10-code and SOP’S well is the best kind of officer, A kind officer is the best and a communicating and understanding officer is the best kind of officer. Having integrity as well as being able to negotiate is the best kind of officer you could find. Sincerely, Kaiko Kaeo Anything that you would like to add?: I much do look forward to hopefully having and interview and also I appreciate each and every KSP officer and all the staff
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