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  1. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Playboys Player Report

  2. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Playboys Player Report

    that is in the video above it it is 6 seconds
  3. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Adolf ChadGamerman Compesation request

    Name: Adolf Chadgamerman Steam64ID: 76561198126471213 Date of Incident: 10/08/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 6pm Amount your claiming: how ever much labratory gives you (ive never done it) Description of situation: I was robbing the labratory when the server decided to craqsh and teamspeak too! I would like comp please. Evidence:
  4. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Where do I find the furry heads ?

    u dont. that is the last thing that anyone should ever want on their heads
  5. Adolf ChadGamerman

    server issue

    https://gyazo.com/c23bcf75f3299355fa2dccaba83748c1 https://gyazo.com/8e1b110075b5ee06aa5f4fb1d2c524cd pics say it all it happens everyday
  6. Adolf ChadGamerman

    epic frags

  7. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Who needs a cross-hair lol

    Is that an server advertsiement
  8. Adolf ChadGamerman

    I have some bad news guys.

    since when does vaping giv u daibetes
  9. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Help me reach someone in power

    sounds like an epic gamer moment
  10. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Baljeet Fragger EMS/KFD Application

  11. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Baljeet Fragger EMS/KFD Application

    thx guys
  12. Adolf ChadGamerman

    Parole suggestion

    -1 i dont need officers to only have to sit at front gate and check map to see if prisoners are in their cells. this will decrease prison RP i feel as guards will only have to see their map to find escapees instead of having to guard and interact with these individuals.
  13. Adolf ChadGamerman

    more cheap houses

  14. if the arma compass covers half your screen you must have a small ass scren my dude
  15. Adolf ChadGamerman

    New Perk on runs

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