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  1. Your honor, After long deliberation between both the prosecution and defense council, we have reached a sentencing agreement. Ms. Astrid Hawking is to plea guilty to all charges for a sentence of 30 months in the Los Diablos Correctional Facility and a fine of $1,000 per unit seized, totaling $297,000. @Barry Bravo @Tao Brightwater
  2. Your honor, The charges levied against the defendant are as follows: Count One - Controlled Substance Cultivation and Manufacturing as per California Penal Code §11.1.570 Count Two - Class 1 Controlled Substance Possession as per California Penal Code §11.1.610
  3. Robert Lewis

    DeAndre Adams - Coast Guard Application

    @DeAndre Fielding All good mate. We will give you an extra 72 hours from this message to complete your ASVAB and interview.
  4. Robert Lewis

    ANZUSGaming 4.5 Official Trailer

    wow i approves of this very epic update
  5. Robert Lewis

    Kings Peaks 4.0.4 Changelog

    omg thanks
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