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  1. Ninj Red

    Ninj Red -discharge request

    Name:Ninj Red Badge Number:221? Mebbe idr Current Rank:cpl Reason for Discharge:burnt out of arma UID:dont have atm
  2. Ninj Red

    Wells v. Kamdan State Police

    Well there is no proof of this being from this situation and the evidence is minimal and lacking , also we must have the video of the revival.
  3. Ninj Red

    Wells v. Kamdan State Police

    I am also available a large portion of time between the 7th of january and 11th of february , but @Jack Fireyour honor before we go further , the footage does not show the individual be revived nor does it show him getting shot it just shows him dead in the water , so I don't understand "government rule wise" how we can go on with the case , considering we dont know if he is even alive to make this complaint and share his go pro , and we dont know how he ended up in the water dead either.
  4. Ninj Red

    Wells v. Kamdan State Police

    Mr Boyd, Marcus Knight has no authority to take any lawful case on behalf of the KSP and I dont even believe he has a BAR qualification , and I dont believe it is your choice who defends the KSP , despite me having holidays , I will do my best to comply with all the time frames , however I dont understand your hurry considering the defence has not yet filed the evidence to this case after more than 24 hours from the filing of the law suit , anyway I am going to wait for the judge whoever that may be to post and continue this case before I make another statment , regards Ninj Red , KSP legal team.
  5. Ninj Red

    Wells v. Kamdan State Police

    Mr boyd I dont think you understand what I meant , it wont change your objection however just wanted to let it be known , I didnt mean for the judge I meant for me mostly
  6. Ninj Red

    Wells v. Kamdan State Police

    The defense also files a motion for the case to be on hold till January too allow for holidays , and festivities to whoever the honorable judge is.
  7. Ninj Red

    Wells v. Kamdan State Police

    Form 2A Notice of Appearance IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF KAMDAN KAMDAN REGISTRY BETWEEN: Taylor Wells Plaintiff and Kamdan State Police Defendant NOTICE OF APPEARANCE The Kamdan State Police chooses to appear and contest. (after the defence files all of its evidence and allows us time to file any motions that we may need too on the government website before we go in island) APPEARANCES: For the Defendant: 1. Ninj Red Kamdan State Police legal team i Kamdan City, Kamdan Filed 12/26/2019 Signed, Ninj Red Kamdan State Police's attorney
  8. Ninj Red

    LOA Request - Ninj Red

    I would like to request an extention to the 2nd onf january because i am sick and am going to be spending time with my family and doing other things
  9. Ninj Red

    Ninj Red - Demotion Report

    Ye fuck that ninj guy , o7
  10. Ninj Red

    Mike Dahmer LOA Request

  11. Ninj Red

    Evan Eisen-Point Appeal

    @Evan Eisen your points expired a month after they were issued so that would have been the 7nth of December , there for you have no points
  12. Ninj Red

    Punishment Report - Danny Dunkirk

    Processed by command
  13. Ninj Red

    Harry Taylor - Punishment Report

    Processed by command, 5 day suspension due to 20 point milestone.
  14. Ninj Red

    Punishment Report - Jason Walker

    Name: Jason Walker Rank: LT Badge Number: 122 Department:Patrol Reason for Punishment: Case #2191 Result of Punishment: 30 points , demotion to Sergeant , 1 day suspension Authorising Officer Name:Ninj Red , Jourdan Goulding Rank: LT, Deputy Chief Badge Number:129,101 Department:IA,SC
  15. Ninj Red

    Punishment Report - Huntah Wolve

    Approved but change to 5 points , no suspension @Sarah Parker
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