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    Christopher Smithers - Legal Profession Application

    Character Details Character Name: Christopher Smithers Character Primary Faction (e.g. Civ, Cop, Mafia, ect.): Civ Are you currently under employment by any corporation: No Do you plan to practice privately, in a firm, as a public defender or as a prosecutor?: Honestly, I'm not sure. I've been a public defender in the past, in Silverlake, and I was made to stay there because I'm quite good at legal defense. I would like to try out other positions such as a prosecutor, however, it would be nice to start off as a public defender, as I enjoy helping people out. Do you currently have an offer of a job in any of these?: No, I do not have a job offer. Do you have a mentor lawyer that you know that could assist you in practice when you first start?: No, however I do not think I would need one, as I have extensive experience as an attorney, and I understand basic concepts. Clearly, there would be some adjusting to the different laws, but I believe it would be easy to learn. References from current lawyers (not required but very helpful): No. Personal Details (IRL) Age: 19 Date of Birth: 07/19/2000 Steam64 ID: 76561198077450539 TeamSpeak ID (or Name): Christopher Smithers Country: Canada Timezone: EST Character Questions Persons already accepted into a police prosecutor position may skip these questions Do you have any experience and particular skills as a lawyer? (Min 50 words or 5 dot points): Yes, I have been apart of a number of different legal departments on a number of different islands. I have worked as a public defender (up to the rank of Head of Public Defense), a private attorney, a judge, a justice, and eventually I became Assistant Chief Justice in Silverlake. Over the course of my positions, I have developed a solid knowledge of a number of different basic legal concepts. I have been responsible for defending clients, representing clients in civil cases, ruling on cases, as well as signing warrants and working closely with the a variety of police departments in order to ensure the proper execution of those warrants. Why would you like to become a lawyer in Kamdan? (Min 75 words or 10 dot points): I would like to become a lawyer in Kamdan for a few different reasons. Firstly, I enjoy being a lawyer, and in the end, helping out people who are in a tough spot. Additionally, I think that being a lawyer in Kamdan would give me a lot to do. I have a lot of free time, and it would be nice to have something that I enjoy to fill up that free time. I would also like to try to climb the ranks within the department, and experience a number of different positions and responsibilities. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer? (Min 50 words): I would say that my biggest strength as a lawyer would be my ability to create a strong legal defense. As I have primarily been a defender in my time on other islands, I have slowly become a better defense attorney. Additionally, I consider myself to be a rational person. I can remain calm and practical when defending a client, or otherwise representing them. I would say that my biggest weakness would be my lack of experience on the side of the prosecution or police. I have not spent a significant amount of time in the role of a prosecutor, or police officer, and I believe that may limit my knowledge when it comes to defending a client. I know that if I had experience in those roles, that I would undoubtedly be better at defending my clients by way of understanding the prosecution's arguments. How many hours a year (a week) can you put into the Department of Justice?: I believe that I could probably put around 15 hours or more per year/week into the department. Obviously, I have other commitments, so I couldn't be active all the time. When I am not active on the island, however, I would still try my hardest to work with my clients in order to give them a stellar legal defense. What is your goal as a position within 2 months of being accepted?: I would hope that after two moths of being accepted, I have defended a number of residents of Kamdan, and developed a reputation for myself. I hope that I have a number of loyal clients who seek my help when needed, and can vouch for my record. I would also like to have been apart of, or at least tried out different roles within the department. Like I said, I would like to get a better understanding of different roles, so it would certainly be nice to change up my job a bit. Why should your application be accepted? (Min 25 words): I think that you should accept my application because I would be a good addition to the department. I have a lot of prior legal knowledge and experience, and I would enjoy being apart of the department. Ultimately, I am willing to work under any department of the DOJ, and I would love to help where needed. Disclosure Have You Been Previously Struck Off the Roll (e.g. been kicked out of the DOJ)?: No. Do you have Current Pending Criminal Charges Against You?: No. Disclose Any of the Following Convictions; Murder of a Judge executing his duties, Attack of a Courthouse or Terrorist Acts Towards the Courts: None. Disclose Any Convictions for Perjury or Lying Under Oath in Kamdan: None. Please Disclose the Number of Past Applications For Admission Made: None. Please Disclose Reasons for the Denied Applications: (if any have occurred) None. Do you have any Past Bans on ANZUS Gaming?: No. If you have answered yes to any of the above, please explain why we should still accept your application: N/A Legal Note Knowingly providing false or misleading information on this document is a crime punishable by up to 15 months imprisonment and/or a $200,000 fine. Attempting to breach examination rules is a civil offence punishable by up to a $50,000 fine. This will render you ineligible to reapply without special leave of the Supreme Court of Kamdan.
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