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  1. Georgiee Randy


  2. Georgiee Randy

    Comp Request - John Olsen

    +1 no TFR which equals no initiation. TS was fucking up sooo
  3. Georgiee Randy

    Lucas - Player report

    Ok... sooo this is BS. we initiated on one of your Gang members most likely your friend. Even if we weren't he still shot at us
  4. Georgiee Randy


    Name: Georgiee Randy Steam64ID: Date of Incident: Today 11:00 ish UTC+2 Time of Incident (LA Time): Not sure Amount your claiming: 100k Description of situation: Died by a cop in DOC, was going to get revived 100% my game crashed then i lost all me shit and thats basically all Evidence: Time stamps: 11:20 or any other point in the video 5m and up proof of what i had, gun is like 70k and my equipment was a fair bit aswell 16:04 is when i died and a bit further is when I crashed
  5. Georgiee Randy


    i mean ya didnt loose anything, you still have it i mean likeeee what? u put insurance on it lmao
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