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  1. Tony West

    Tony Vinicio - USCG Application

    Name (In Role play): Tony Vinicio Steam 64 ID: 76561198118191987 Timezone: EST Age: 18 Have you played on the server as a civilian? (Must be yes otherwise you will be denied) Yes Do you have any Law Enforcement Experience? Yes Should you be accepted into the US Coast Guard, what standards and values would you bring and standby here? (Min. 100 Words) I want to join USCG because i feel as it is the right fit for me. I set myself to certain standards that i not only meet, but exceed as well. For example, 1 of my standards I've set for myself that I represent myself in a accepting manner to others, and I believe I set a perfect example of what a man is to represent themselves as. I also have the goal in mind of making sure everyone is safe before i make sure of my own safety. For example if there was a burning building I wouldn't think twice about running in there to save a few lives. Why do you believe honesty, loyalty and integrity are our founding principles? I think they are our founding principles because they show that we are built off a respectable and operational foundation. Without honestly how is the department going to be successful, without loyalty how is the department suppose to grow with everyone leaving? Without integrity how is the department suppose to have any kind of respect towards them? See, all these features make a department strong and successful. What do you believe makes a good Guardsman? I believe the core values a Guardsman should have are these. Dedication, without dedication you will not be a good Guardsman due to the fact you have no interest in doing anything. Honesty, because without honesty you will not have any respect and without respect you will not be accountable. Loyalty, if you are not loyal then why are you even in the department? Integrity, having integrity will show everyone what kind of Guardsman you can be and sets a good example for the department Anything else you would like to add? Nope References (Not Mandatory): N/A By signing below, you swear to uphold the law and constitution, to be loyal to your fellow Guardsman, to endeavor to be proactive and relentless in seeking peace and justice, to always be honest, to always be loyal, and to show respect where respect is due. Vinicio, Tony
  2. Tony West

    One Issue - One Solution

    The issue: Paintball is just shoot each other and reviveMy solution: Add a actual paintball system where it spawns you with a pistol or something and you play against others. Have a 30second-1minute delay at the start of each game so people can join and have 3 rounds per game. Maybe even have the winner get like $1,000 or something
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