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  1. Mark Monty

    TFR Not Enabled

    In teamspeak if you go into tools then options and under the plugins tab I made sure my TFR plugin said enabled. I was confused and didn't read it said enabled so I was setting it to disabled under the impression it was enabled which it wasn't. Hope this helps! @Joe Smith
  2. Requirements Must be 18 years and older (Exception to 16 year old but must have a reference from a respected member of the ANZUSRP or agree to a voice interview with staff and have a general mature attitude in the discord and forums.) Must be in the ANZUSRP discord Must have a working clear microphone Can not exceed 30 points within the ANZUSGaming/ANZUSRP community How old are you? 18 Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198107275001/ Your Steam HEX/64 Code: 110000108c32ef9 Are you in the GTA Anzus Discord?: Yes. What is your Discord username: CreepyZ What is your main style of RP? Civilian Tell us about the character you will be and what makes him/her unique. Mark Monty is a twenty five year-old man from the city of Boston, that has had a rough childhood. Mark's father wasn't around at all and his mother was an alcoholic. Mark was an only child, and was tired of being 'alone' in his mother's home while she drank herself a grave. Mark has no other family to help ease the stress, thus causing him to move out at the age of eighteen. With no true direction in life Mark finds himself in Los Santos with some money he saved from his part time job as a mechanic in Boston's City Square. He has hopes to continue his career path as a mechanic in Los Santos. Character Traits: Energetic, Cold Hearted, Angry. Define Roleplay in your own words: Fitting into a character and acting like that character as if it was you in real life. What RP experience do you have: I've started Arma RP back in 2015 in Takistan life on Arma 2, then moved onto city life because it had more serious RP. Define Metagaming in your own words: Metagaming is having a friend on coms on a different program than the actually game giving an unfair advantage. Define KOS in your own words: To Kill On Sight, in other words, to see someone, walk up and kill them. Define RDM and VDM in your own words: RDM is Random Death Match in other words to kill someone with RP reason. VDM is Vehicle Death Match is that's when you run someone over without any RP reason also includes destroying their vehicle. If you have any videos or clips of you roleplaying, please link them here: I don't. Didn't have a good enough PC to record, I do now. Post a link to our rules: https://www.anzus.life/topic/10201-server-rules/ Have you read our Rules, and do you understand our Rules?: Yes. Do you have any people in our GTA community that will recommend you?: I don't unfortunately. I'm new in the Anzus community. Do you understand that this is not GTA, we are a roleplay server and you must base your actions on real life?: Yes Do you agree to pass ownership of any documents, scripts, textures or anything created in/or for the ANZUS RP community will be owned by us and not available to be used anywhere else?: Yes Another individual walks up to you, armed, and demands you give over your keys and whatever money you have in your pocket. Their gun is aimed directly at you and you are unarmed. What would you do?: Begin dialogue with the culprit as he initiates. "Okay, okay, I'll do whatever you want please just don't hurt me." Then proceed to hand over the keys and cash to the man. After handing over the items I would put my hands up and beg for the person not to hurt me. "Please, I'll do whatever you want just don't kill me!" Hopefully I survive and don't get tortured. Same scenario as above, only this time you are armed but do not have your gun drawn. My reaction would be the same. I wouldn't be valuing my life if he already had a gun on me and I tried to draw. Crossing the street, another individual plows through the intersection, running you over and causing you to be “downed”. They stop and come back to roleplay that they did in fact hit you. How would you proceed with the scenario?: When they drive back around I would begin to grunt in pain. "Argghhhhhh" "Someone please help" "I'm really hurt, I can't feel legs!" "Hey person who just hit me can you call an ambulance my face is going numb!" "I'm going to require top dollar compensation for this, Urgggggg!" While standing around the garage with some friends. An individual walks up, says nothing, and shoots you before running off. What would you do?: "Yo, did you guys get a look at that fools face!" "He's gonna die one day that's for sure!" Try our best to RP the situation out but if it's ruining everyone's experience take it to staff when there's no longer an active situation going on In Game. You have to go AFK in an active role playing situation, What do you say to the people around you?: First decide if it's going to affect the situation I'm in by going AFK, if it's not then proceed with... IRL EXAMPLE: Spill a giant cup of Ramen on your desk "Boy's I have to shut my eyes for a second, my heads going crazy, do you guys mind?" Hopefully I won't be taking drugs in game so the others don't think I'm roleplaying tripping instead of dealing with spilt noodles.
  3. Mark Monty

    No Gun Draw Glitching

    Name: Mark Monty Name of player you are reporting: James Dixon Date of Incident: 08/14/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 11:34 A.M Rule(s) Broken: 9.8 – You must not use ingame features in an unrealistic manner. (Minor Exploiting) (Includes third person'ing THROUGH walls, shooting through walls which you could obviously not shoot through [such as concrete and brick walls], and running through walls) Also could argue not valuing his life when he pulls out a tazer when he had a gun to him. Description of Incident: Was holding up Mr. Dixon after we crashed our cars when I requested for the officer to drop his weapon, which he did but, then did some glitch to pull out a tazer without a draw. You can see he drops the weapon, backs off, then goes into his inv. and quickdraws a tazer. Causing me to shoot him dead. Because we both crashed I had to run all the way back to a city, didn't get the cops full kit nor did I get to use him as an hostage. As a result I'm looking for comp for my time, and not getting his full kit. Evidence:
  4. Mark Monty

    TFR Not Enabled

    Problem Solved, I'm dumb. Plugin was never fully enabled.
  5. Mark Monty

    TFR Not Enabled

    Hello Kelly, Unfortunately reinstalling the plugin didn't work either. I went from updating my teamspeak to 3.3.0 to downgrading again to 3.2.5. Even completely reinstalled the Kamdan mod. None of these things worked. Stuck as to why this would be happening.
  6. Mark Monty

    TFR Not Enabled

    Hello, IGN: Mark Monty SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198107275001/ I've tried multiple times to get into the server but i'm met with "TFR Plugin not enabled" when in fact my TS3 is version 3.2.5 and I have the correct TFR (or at least I think) 0.9.12. For the life of me can't figured this out, I went into ArmaSYNC and made sure the Kamdan file was properly installed which it is. I have three new files in my Arma 3 folder one being @AnznusGaming Kamdan Life, @CBA_A3 and @task_force_radio. Also I had to get the TS3 plugin from the Task Force website because the teamspeak plugin with Kamdan mod file says wrong API when I try to enable the tfr plugin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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