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  1. Antoney Roberto

    Hacker Comp

  2. Antoney Roberto

    Hacker Comp

    The first video was before we went to cartel (before the hacker blew cars up) and the second was after he came on and blew everything up I even talk about it
  3. Antoney Roberto

    Hacker Comp

    Im sure patrick can advocate for me but idk
  4. Antoney Roberto

    Hacker Comp

    Cuz I mean he literally banned the hacker doing this and I said along with others that "I need comp" and "I need to insure"
  5. Antoney Roberto

    Hacker Comp

    This is as close I can get after the incident
  6. Antoney Roberto

    Hacker Comp

    Name: Antoney Roberto Steam64ID: 76561197974345021 Date of Incident: 8/18/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 5:00 ish idk Amount your claiming: 520K Description of situation: Bought some new cars as you can see via evidence 1 video, hacker came on, blew every car up. I dont have the video of him blowing it up cause I was at cartel when it happened Evidence: Evidence 1: Evidence 1 shows all the vehicles i had out: Ford Mustang with no insurance apparently... Aston martin, Dodge Charger and Bentley which all had insurance. Evidence 2: Evidence 2 shows how I dont have any of those cars anymore on my chain. Evidence 3: Lost my charger due to this as it didn't have insurance Bought insurance for my Aston looked again and it didnt have insurance ALSO, can I receive the comp from my previous apps: Thanks maties
  7. Antoney Roberto

    Hacker comp

    Name: Antoney Roberto Steam64ID: 76561197974345021 Date of Incident: 8/6/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10o clock ish Amount your claiming: 63k Description of situation: Hacker came on the server and blew up all the vehicles on the server while sending me flying in the air. I had all of my cars out and im just asking for insurence comp for all of my vehicles for my ford mustang, jaguar, and ford f150 Evidence:
  8. Antoney Roberto

    9000 Member giveaway!

  9. Antoney Roberto

    Comp for my truck full of rubies

    Name: Antoney Roberto Steam64ID: 76561197974345021 Date of Incident: 10:00PM EST Amount your claiming: 60k Description of situation: As for evidence 1, he said to give keys to them but I couldnt as the Y button to open my phone doesnt work and this was the case many many times before this. For evidence 2: This is the second time I do a run and its the second time this same exact guy goes to rob me at ruby pro and its annoying af. I cant progress at all. In the end of this shitshow, he goes behind me and idk wtf happened but he ended up blowing my van with all of my rubies. Then he laughs because I lost all my rubies and my van along with my time wasted getting all of the rubies. Evidence 1: 14:10 is when it started Evidence 2: 14:15 is when it happened
  10. Name: Antoney Roberto Age: 16 Timezone: EST Why would you like to join Shadow Division: I would like to join SD because iv been wanting to play with a group of people for a while now and I always wanted to play with people that I could have fun with while im on this server What could you bring to Shadow Division: Piloting, Combat Hours on Arma (1500+): 2156 Have you read and understand the rules of the server: yea Steam profile & Steam 64: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wolveyy/ 76561197974345021- ID Discord name: Wolves#4308
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