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  1. Adam Sparrow

    Anzus #1

    yikes phoenixrp player. meh.
  2. Adam Sparrow

    Barry Stan #3

    n1 my guy see you in a month since i am banned for "major exploiting" and investigator doug jumper thinks he knows everything.
  3. Adam Sparrow

    Daryll Insomnia #1

    do you even play arma?
  4. Adam Sparrow

    Mod pack optimization?

    if this happens, which it prob will, when will it happen because i would fucking love it to happen rn. Just wondering btw?
  5. Adam Sparrow

    10000 members giveaway!

  6. Adam Sparrow

    Julian Jackson - Reporting Adoom Spood

    you were vdm'ed or some bs like in a tazed motion, you take no health as you can see, if i shot you through a building you would still loose health... smh
  7. Adam Sparrow

    Julian Jackson - Reporting Adoom Spood

    the first shots werent even mine there from the hill clearly as you can see from where the bullets are landing, as well as if you acctually have a pair of headphones, which im starting to think you dont
  8. Adam Sparrow

    Julian Jackson - Reporting Adoom Spood

    https://gyazo.com/9ae06e60620d2725baf0af56b743d518 ye I think i was shooting through a wall clearly from the vid you sent. honestly im not angry, your just upset you got frogged, and trying to find any excuse for it pathetic little witch hunter could have easily taken me to support so dont use that "i left" bullshit ahhaahahahahahahah mouse
  9. Adam Sparrow

    Julian Jackson - Reporting Adoom Spood

    I don’t understand what makes him so think I shot through a wall when you can here my shots from behind. And my friend was the one he’s shooting at, you never took me to support, and I never logged of, honestly.
  10. Adam Sparrow

    Julian Jackson - Reporting Adoom Spood

    Omg what a ducking bullshitter, 1. Weapons cache was on before and you shot at me when I got the weapon out of the crate meaning we had initiation at the time 2. I was behind you smh, you can lit hear from the shots i, you can tell your a minion no clue about the fucking game 3 you never taken me to support, idk if I still have evidence, kids just angry because he got shit on, I guarantee you send a longer vid and you can see you shoot me, my friend was the one on the hill who you also shot, creating gang initiation, so don’t cry when you get shit on and claim I brake rules honestly im not home atm, when I get back I’ll see if I have the vid honestly pathetic man you mouse fucking shit player
  11. Adam Sparrow

    Player Report - Jack Pontly

    Name: Adum Sparrowwwwww Name of player you are reporting: https://www.anzus.life/profile/10278-jack-pontly/ @Jack Pontly Date of Incident: 02/09/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 05:00 Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 3.12 - You may not leave the server (combat log) during active RP situations, you also may not leave whilst in police custody or dead. Description of Incident: I initiated on 2 individuals in a g wagon, kill both of them immediately 5 seconds later "jack pontly" decides he wants to alt f4 straight out the server. He also left the teamspeak and has not been on since Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes If so what was the result of the support case: Come to forums to make a player report as he was not on the teamspeak, and did not want to resolve it on there.
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