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  1. I Just purchased a dodge Charger Hellcat, a purchase i thought was well informed and researched. The claimed 707 HP and top speed of 330 KPH was a big factor not to mention the chargers sleek and aggressive looks. I was happy with my purchase up until i actually got into the drivers seat, The car is ridiculously anemic in acceleration all the way up to 200 kph, and i didn't realize the extent of the cars horrible acceleration until i raced a 2004 Volkswagen Beetle, A DAMN BEETLE. And yep you guessed it... I GOT SMOKED BY A BEETLE IN A HELLCAT. This is clearly very broken and needs to be fixed lol the Hellcat has one of the Highest amounts of HP out of all the vehicles and somehow manages to get beat by a 200 HP soccer mom car? Please fix it and give the hellcat an actually realistic acceleration. Thank you and please consider making this change as soon as possible. Rex
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