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  1. Kyle Lawson

    A few things [Must read]

    It's not a rule
  2. Kyle Lawson

    Police in the server

    Responding to banks is part of the job description, how is it fucking around like a rebel?
  3. Kyle Lawson

    Police in the server

    All this really does is just add another level of ruleplay in the server and this would make the server more boring for cops. You'll have people reporting each other for being 1 person off the limit. This also makes the cops job harder by having to count and select people to respond to bank and telling people to resume their normal duties. What if latecomers come to bank? Should they punished for something that is accidental? There are better solutions than enforcing ratios. For example, have more crimes around the map with separate cooldowns so cops have to split up and respond to different situations instead of all of them piling up on one major crime.
  4. Kyle Lawson

    Police in the server

    How would they know how many rebels are robbing a bank?
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