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Liam Forder

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  1. ah yes I need this direct deposit
  2. Liam Forder

    Liam Forder - Volunteer Application

    KMD Volunteer Application Personal Information: Name: Liam Forder Age: 14 Steam 64 UID: 76561198881980940 Timezone: EU Kamdan State Police Rank: snr trooper Kamdan State Police Department: Patrol Questions about yourself: How many hours a week will you be able to play a Volunteer:8+ Name one reference from a Paramedic or higher who believes you fit the role of a KMD Volunteer: I fucked it What is the reason you decided to apply to become a KMD Volunteer (100 words minimum): well uh I was a ems LT last month and I left I am now in the KSP and I want to help the people on the streets that need medical help I know quite alot of people in the KMD and I want to come a greet them and do what I put as my previous reasons. I have quite alot experiences as I had 4 months in the KMD and I am now ready to come back as a volunteer to save many lives in the Kamdan city I now all of the command team and I am ready to come back as the best volunteer. Do you have any previous experience as an EMS member: EMS HR LT - anzusgaming PD Volunteer - anzusgaming What qualities should a good EMS member have according to you (50 words minimum): A good ems member should have a whole load of qualitys, some are being experienced which I was I had all my trainings done including ARD also they should be perfessional at ALL times. Also they should know their sops to not break any SOPs and be a good KMD member. Why do you think you fit the role of becoming an KMD Volunteer (50 words minimum): I think I fit the role of becoming a KMD Volunteer as I am very experienced as I was an old HR LT last month and I have moved on and I am now ready to get back at the job and to meet and greet everyone again at saving people lives Do you understand your application can be denied for lack of effort (yes/no): yes
  3. Liam Forder

    Jabbers Macdonald - Discharge Request

    o7 jabbers
  4. Liam Forder

    Loa Request-Tyler Jeffrey

    I hope your all good man!
  5. Liam Forder

    John Anderson - Discharge

  6. Liam Forder

    Liam Jenks - Comp request

    Name: Liam Jenks Steam64ID: 76561198881980940 Date of Incident: like 11/01/2020 Time of Incident (LA Time): no clue Amount your claiming: 100k Description of situation: Erm so basically I cant see the report anymore due to it had to be hid due to I had to hide it and sent it to SLT i have no clue what happened to the case but I lost a 100k gun if you can find the report and get back to me and comp me that would be highly appreciated, I have the video here https://www.twitch.tv/memoryoliam_/clip/AbstemiousIcyCaribouCharlieBitMe?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time Evidence: https://www.twitch.tv/memoryoliam_/clip/AbstemiousIcyCaribouCharlieBitMe?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  7. Liam Forder

    Pitbull Emmers Discharge Request

  8. Liam Forder

    Ben Forder Police Application

    Confirmed reference
  9. Liam Forder

    Michael Frost - KSP Application

    I conformed refrence
  10. Liam Forder

    Timothy Red - Transfer Request

    transfers open?
  11. Liam Forder

    Owen Oknnie PD-Application

    @Owen Konniedo your interview
  12. Liam Forder

    Liam Forder - Discilinary Dispute

    Your In-Game Name: Liam ForderRank: VolunteerDepartment: EOBadge Number: 428Punishment you where given: they said (removal from volunteer) - basically termination Why it should be overturned: So straight up im going to be honest when I played as volunteer I was not on point, this means I got a couple points here and there as on my first day I got a verbal warning and 10 points then my second day I got a VW for wearing a hard hat in my OWN evidence besides the point I then didn't come on for a week my day back was today and I get told I was terminated yesterday, Kevin Dark comes on and says im terminated due to a command vote that everyone votes on (all of command hate me so bad), so up to that point im on 10 points and 2 VWs and now im terminated. After I log off I go to Cravens office and ask him why I was terminated, Jonas pointed out all of these things why and I asked him for evidence and none was given. Command did not follow the punish protocol as at 10 points and 2 VWs that is not a termination here what it should be https://imgur.com/a/KxgJMCF so right up at the top it only says watch list, when they punished me like I had 50 points. I further dont understand why this protocol is here if they are not gonna follow it if they dont give a shit because its me. At the end of this I think I was mistreated and they used their high powers to get me gonzo, but also as a medic I played lots of hour if you look on battle metrics (Liam Forder) Also I found the removal from position policy that they violated "The process for major disciplinary action is as follows: The person is required to arrange a meeting time within 2 days of being sent a discord message. The person must be able to meet within a reasonable amount of time. (4 days from the initial message unless an LOA was approved) The person is given the chance to defend them self at the meeting. The person has a right to legal counsel to be present" They violated this as in 3. I was not given a chance as yesterday they removed me- they only took my teamspeak tag, where as they said to me in cravens office I got removed with out even letting them to try and defend myself. And also 1. as I was on duty and Kevin told me to get to the hospital and told me I was removed due to a vote then I logged off and told why I was removed. So I was not messaged 2 days before and I was not given a chance to defend myself. Also I have evidence that I was on the roster yesterday night when they said they terminated me yesterday before this photo when they said I got terminated over removing my tag https://imgur.com/a/SlsEYHO Any evidence to support this: (heres the punishment logger) https://imgur.com/a/d1Iw8mo https://imgur.com/a/Zmsto2M https://imgur.com/a/SlsEYHO Liam Forder Disciplinary Dispute
  13. Liam Forder

    Owen Oknnie PD-Application

    +1 og officer that just came back to anzus
  14. Liam Forder

    'Transfer Request - Liam Forder'

    In-game name: Liam Forder Rank: Senior Trooper Badge Number: 214 Current Department: Department Of Corrections Desired Department: Patrol Reason: I Liam Forder would like to transfer because a main reason is that we need more patrol to bring in suspects that are on the streets, another reason is that when i play in EU times there is normally no patrol on sometimes and I think if I transfer I can make a change and give doc more company. I am a very active officer and I think I am ready to transfer into Patrol. I also know alot of Patrol officers that are Patrol at the moment so I feel like I would fit perfectly for the department and there would be no trouble but also I would make sure that I put in my effort to make sure that Patrol is active and getting Kamdan a safer place to live as I am up for the challenge to face. Also throughout being in DOC I have learnt how to be an officer on Anzus and I have no active punishments, this shows that I am a good officer and I will not break any SOPs. Signature: Liam Forder
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