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    Compensation Request - Osiris Walker

  2. Name: Osiris Walker Age: 17 Timezone: MST Why would you like to join Shadow Division: Met some really cool guys that are in shadow division. I've seen you all play and I'm more than interest in being apart of your unit. What could you bring to Shadow Division: Experience. I remember buying Arma 3 and put many hours into Arma 2 on the epoch/dayz servers. Ever since Arma 3 came out I fell in love with the RPG servers that were associated with the game. I've been a lowly cop still learning the game to leading S.W.A.T units and dishing out orders. I know how to both take orders and dish them out when necessary. I'm still learning the ins and outs of Anzus (regarding what weapons are good etc), but I'd love to continue learning with your gang. Hours on Arma (1000+) (If you can frag this may be bypassed but be ready to prove it): 1602 Have you read and understand the rules of the server: Yes, I have a firm grasp on the rules of the server. Steam profile & Steam 64: https://steamcommunity.com/id/senpai11 ; 76561198067404714 Discord name: ឵?឵឵ ឵឵#2513 https://gyazo.com/5f759f777b1e8dc470c9584d6af31869
  3. Osiris Walker

    Compensation Request - Osiris Walker

    Name: Osiris Walker Steam64ID:76561198067404714 Date of Incident: 8/18/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 8:49 AM Amount your claiming: 250k - 275k (virtual inventory if you feel nice lol) Description of situation: Guy was caught DPI glitching , knocked me out and restrained me. Stripped me of my Honey badger and all VI's. Evidence: Didn't include the "2 minutes before and after" as I feel it was pretty straight forward.
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