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  1. Appeal Approved @Jack Specter Due to the nature of how this court martial proceeded, I will be approving this appeal, however after fact finding, Harrison Homes will still remain with a NPM - Non Punitive Measure which will simply leave a log that there was an instance where he should have not shot at the car at that time, this NPM will not prevent Harrison Homes from moving up within the United States Coast Guard. A review in policy will also be made for people that having learning difficulties within the United States Coast Guard, to aid them in achieving the best they can here.
  2. @Jack Specter can you please provide the names of the people who were at the court martial so their video can be obtained
  3. @PUG Noble Will be brought on to assist in the review of this appeal.
  4. If you are able to provide me with an email, I can provide you a declassified document of the necessary sections relating to your request @Jack Specter https://docs.google.com/document/d/14frYUg5DDU-LRTe2azlgpW5OYucw6oMeN-eVEVe35o0/edit?usp=sharing will be the document. @Harvey ArmstrongPlease provide any other necessary information that helps provide necessary knowledge of the procedures of the rules relating to military court if there are any, in order to ensure the defence is able to navigate the military justice system appropriately.
  5. Ill take over the appeal, and be the judge on it. Case CGCCA01-0123.
  6. Nick Boyd

    USCG Payment Request - 31AUG21

    Your Name: Nick Boyd Your Position/Rank: Captain Money Recipient: Harvey Specter Agency/Department/Company filing on behalf of: United States Coast Guard Amount requested: $500,000 Reason for withdraw: To pay for private legal representation for Harrison Homes appeal in the USCG Court of Appeals. Do you confirm you are authorised on behalf of the agency or department you are filing for to request such funds: Yes Do you understand that misuse of funds is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted if found doing so: No Contract: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fSqCabIMKBMOTMUik2mY9D-35EdfE60-xUyvlNwoKII/edit?usp=sharing Thankyou for reviewing my request.
  7. Nick Boyd

    Appeal: Court Martial Of Harrison Homes

    Your honor, The summoning warrant has been received, however I must clarify the circumstances, Mr Homes is a Seaman Recruit within the United States Coast Guard, he signed a contract agreeing to be subject to the UCMJ, a 14 day trial phase wherein he could be disciplined or fired without appeal. Instead of Mr Homes receiving a Non Judicial Punishment from a Non Commissioned Officer, it was decided to be taken to a Summary Court Martial, where the charges could be reviewed by a fair and independent process, ensuring that Mr Homes was given due process. The outcome did not go his way, however we do not believe we have violated any laws in Los Diablos by him receiving an internal punishment. Your honor, all internal punishments have an internal appeal process, Mr Spencer is incorrect, the people who were the judges of his Summary Court Martial, would not oversee his appeal, we have the fairest system of any faction in Los Diablos. Mr Homes is entitled to his lawyer, and he can appeal his punishment. The first phase would be in the Military Court of Appeals, your honor, due to circumstances, not every process is identical to the military in other "places" however the first level who would review it is the Judge Advocate, if he had any part in the summary court martial, then I would be the one to review the appeal, if he was then unhappy with the outcome of that appeal, he could appeal it even further to the Liaison and Admiral Paul Phantom, who is the final say, that is a 3 tier appeal system your honor that we handle internally, and we believe that is sufficient considering how minor all of this is, it is ultimately just a summary court martial.
  8. Nick Boyd

    Nick Boyd - Role Request

    Your Name: Nick Boyd Role Requested: CGIS, USCG Command, whatever lets me submit warrant requests Proof of Role (I.E, Roster, Bar Admission Announcement, ETC): Will my profile suffice? If not can link a roster or something.
  9. Nick Boyd

    Dan North - USCG Application

    Ill allow this to be the last application processed due to Taki now being up
  10. Nick Boyd

    Dan North - USCG Application

    I don't imagine you are this Dan North? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1027j5d3t9CIUWLqeY7BMpIMrkfDzxBaSNfgmIEchCOA/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Nick Boyd

    Tyrone Quinn - USCG Reenlistment Application

    Due to irl reasons relating to his job I will allow him to still undertake his interview.
  12. Nick Boyd

    USCG Reenlistment Application [OPEN]

    Will be continuing till months end
  13. Nick Boyd

    Roaldo DiCaprio v. United States Coast Guard

    I will be able to make that
  14. Nick Boyd

    Roaldo DiCaprio v. United States Coast Guard

    @N Hunt I believe will also be on the case for the defence.
  15. Nick Boyd

    Roaldo DiCaprio v. United States Coast Guard

    In all fairness I have every intention to provide a timely defence to this case, the last one was just RFC'd that we had ready to go, I have reached out to my entire JAG Department on two occasions getting council.
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