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  1. Evan Drake

    Medic Buff

    civs cant CPR until player is at 60ish%? idk if this is able to be scripted but wouldn't be a bad idea either
  2. Evan Drake

    Medic Buff

    Too many times have i seen medics not responding to situations and just afking etc. Make it so medics get paid less in paychecks but get paid more in revives (3k paycheck 3.5k revive?) it would create an incentive for medics to be alot more productive and would make them alot more active since they have a bit higher paygrade
  3. Evan Drake

    Legal Business Forum Tab

    +1 if it would actually work but i dont think people want to rp like that in the arma scene rn
  4. Evan Drake

    Lukka Lewis - Here to Stay - Fragtage

    0:38 ?
  5. +1 would be responsible with the privilege and has a decent following
  6. Evan Drake

    Numbers of externals during major crime

    negotiate for externals to come internal?
  7. Evan Drake

    ANZUS Road Trip

    roleplay irl WeirdChamp
  8. Evan Drake

    Ability for DOJ to issue tickets

    +1 paralegals or whatever the first rank is shouldn't be able to in order to prevent abuse but attorney+
  9. Evan Drake

    No Initiation For Shanks

    +1 a person in jail in roleplay shouldnt have to initiate to stab a cop
  10. +1 streams all the time really good guy and would be responsible with the privilege
  11. Evan Drake

    a rebel state island

  12. Evan Drake


    add an atm in the reception area of DOC because the one next to car garage blows up 10 mins into every restart
  13. Evan Drake

    remove TFR numbers

    there is really not much use for it except for not knowing someones name when they talk which even then you can easily find the name, it also makes it more of a pain for support cases because we need to make sure we can find the right guy and make sure they're even online. Its also very easy to over ride by friending people before they join TFR, ex. https://gyazo.com/1b79478edae313ba51af5fc7f7aec54d
  14. Evan Drake

    Playboys Official Recruitment (Custom Uniform/Car) [OPEN]

    In game Name: Evan Drake Discord Number & Name: Evann#2492 Playtime on ANZUS (100 Hours Minimum): 200? def more than 100 Hours in Arma 3: 2522 Any Earlier Bans: yes point milestone and soundboard Region & Timezones: NA / EST Steam 64 ID: 76561198202166952 Are you currently Police or EMS If so what rank and department: EMS Paramedic EO Why do you want to join the Playboys: Majors What skills do you do you have that will be helpful to us: Fragging Leadership Teamplaying Do you understand Playboys has ranks in Which you are required to follow: Yes Playboy Recommendations (Names of Playboy Member): Christian smells
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