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  1. Requirements Must be 18 years and older (Exception to 16 year old but must have a reference from a respected member of the ANZUSRP or agree to a voice interview with staff and have a general mature attitude in the discord and forums.) Must be in the ANZUSRP discord Must have a working clear microphone Can not exceed 30 points within the ANZUSGaming/ANZUSRP community How old are you? 33 Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/OlivGaming/ Your Steam HEX/64 Code: 11000010b83a44b Are you in the GTA Anzus Discord?: yes What is your Discord username: oliv What is your main style of RP? Civilian Tell us about the character you will be and what makes him/her unique. I've played several things before, and I have ideas for a few I'd like to try out, but the one I'm likely to start out with is a character I've played on some other servers. I've played a man named Jay who is a not often employed standup comic and actor. He's moved to Los Santos to try and expand his career, become a star, but times are tough. Jay is working whatever jobs he can to make money and get by, still waiting for his big shot. There is one thing about being in Los Santos though, something is always around the corner. In the industry, 25% of it is talent, 25% being in the right place at the right time, 50% of it is who you know and who you blow. Jay has been driving a taxi for a bit, cause it pays well enough, and you never know who you're picking up and what they are gonna talk about while you're driving them. And, he's banking his money in order to buy a limo, because rich mother fuckers who make the calls to make Jay a star like to get drunk and do blow off of strippers asses while in the back of a limo. And that kinda stuff is the shit Jay can hold over someone's head and get the roles he needs. Jay's gonna be a fucking star. Define Roleplay in your own words: RP is all about living out a life that you can't normally do IRL. But, thing you do in RP should still be realistic to IRL. It's also about having a good time, enjoying yourself, and creating enjoyment for others, and that's the most important thing I think. What RP experience do you have: I've RP'd on and off on FiveM for 2 years or so, and on top of that I've RP'd in DayZ for something like 4-5 years, I've lost count. Define Metagaming in your own words: Metagaming is using any information you obtain or anything you know out of character and bring it in character. It's fine if you know something happened through the forums, but IC, you don't know a damn thing about it. Don't bring it IC. Define KOS in your own words: KOS is killing someone on sight, with no prior interaction, no RP reason to attack or kill. Define RDM and VDM in your own words: RDM is attack or trying to kill some one with no RP reason, similar to KOS, except RDM can usually involve some prior RP first. Usually the attack just makes no sense to have occurred. VDM is doing something similar to RDM, except with a vehicle or to a vehicle. Something like hitting some bystander with your car or just smashing the shit out of someone's car for no reason. If you have any videos or clips of you roleplaying, please link them here: here's a recent clip that shows some interaction. Was a quiet night for RP. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/463015052?t=01h41m45s Post a link to our rules: https://www.anzus.life/topic/10201-server-rules/ Have you read our Rules, and do you understand our Rules?: Yes Do you have any people in our GTA community that will recommend you?: Roach, Clumsy, probably more. I know many. Do you understand that this is not GTA, we are a roleplay server and you must base your actions on real life?: Yes Do you agree to pass ownership of any documents, scripts, textures or anything created in/or for the ANZUS RP community will be owned by us and not available to be used anywhere else?: Yes Another individual walks up to you, armed, and demands you give over your keys and whatever money you have in your pocket. Their gun is aimed directly at you and you are unarmed. What would you do?: Do whatever the hell they ask of me. My characters life is worth more than a car and some money. I have very little chance of making it out of this alive if I don't cooperate. Same scenario as above, only this time you are armed but do not have your gun drawn. Honestly, likely the same. Unless there is a chance where the person isn't paying full attention or turns around, there is no chance I'm going to be able to pull out a gun and not be shot. It is better to cooperate and live another day. Crossing the street, another individual plows through the intersection, running you over and causing you to be “downed”. They stop and come back to roleplay that they did in fact hit you. How would you proceed with the scenario?: Depending on if I can move, etc, depending on how hard I was hit, call for emergency services or beg that emergency services are called for me. If I need to, after I'm stable and treated, possibly call the cops, and press charges. While standing around the garage with some friends. An individual walks up, says nothing, and shoots you before running off. What would you do?: This would 100% be KOS. I would, as per the rules, attempt to contact the person. If 12 hours has passed and needed, I would file a report. I of course would try and settle this if possible between me and the person who KOS'd me, as per the rules. You have to go AFK in an active role playing situation, What do you say to the people around you?: It would depend on the situation, location, etc. I would likely say something about having to go to the bathroom, make a private phone call, or something along those lines. Again, it would come down to the situation I'm in and what would make the most sense.
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