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  1. Ethan Gilbert

    Cannot join

    There are many options to try to fix the Mods. 1. Arma3Sync (try to re-download the mods) 2. Go to the hotfix and drag the mods into the Kamdan Life mod pack 3. Delete the Mods then drag them back into the Arma 3 Launcher 4. (When finished or tried all three) Restart your game I hope these have helped in anyways shape or form!
  2. Keep it up Anzus needs more attorneys on the server due to the lacking amount. But you got this in the bag! Fantastic Application I hope to see you with the department of justice ... +1
  3. Ethan Gilbert

    New Rule Suggestion

    The Police Training is an area in which FTO's train newly applied cadets which want to become full fledged officers. I don't really see a reason why a civilian would go to the grounds to interact within a roleplay situation. If someone does intervene within training it happens and nothing can be done about it, this is because it's not much of a necessity to have the rule implemented on the server.
  4. Ethan Gilbert


    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?
  5. Ethan Gilbert

    Leroy Stitch Application

    Great work on writing your application, it looks so thrilling! You will definitely make it! +1
  6. Ethan Gilbert

    Teamspeak/TFR upgrade guide

    Yup, doug is at is again.
  7. Ethan Gilbert


    You would need sufficient video evidence to claim that Jake Hasan actually killed you because this only shows your death not that he put a bullet between your eyes.
  8. Ethan Gilbert

    Chop Shop

    The chop shop has pro's and con's to its functionality as a whole on the Anzus Server, it would cause people to lock pick more often and disrupt the economy on the server. And it would create more/hopefully better roleplay situations which would better the community.
  9. Ethan Gilbert

    Hide and Seek

    From my personal perspective it's a pretty interesting idea which might actually be fun when in a mass amount of players. Moving from place to place avoiding the seeker and in the end getting a reward. Fantastic Idea +1
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