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    The Underground Outlaws | Custom | Recruiting

    Full Name? John Whitmire Age: 19 What can you bring to The Underground Outlaws? I can bring a loyal member to the gang along with relatively good communication skills and fragging abilities. I also believe myself to be well rounded in roleplay scenarios. Why you would like to join us? I've been playing on roleplay servers on arma 2 & 3 for quite a little while now (only a few days on this server so far) and I've discovered the best way to have fun in them is to play with a group. I'm requesting this particular gang because I believe the members are mostly professional, loyal, and fun to play with, all of which qualities I believe I posses. Can you follow orders without question? Yes Will you be 100% dedicated to the Underground Outlaws? Yes Are you actively on the server almost every day? Yes, generally more on weekends What is your UID? 76561198072956372 What is your Timezone? EST How much hours do you have in ARMA 3? 409
  2. John Whitmire

    9000 Member giveaway!

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