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  1. +1 met cody in game and he seems very dedicated to do all he can to join the police force. He was very chill and probably one of the least toxic people I have met. He would be a guy that would be a perfect partner or DOC gate buddy. On a side note he does have a southern accent that just sounds like he was born to be a cop.
  2. why do a full wipe? if there is a problem with duping and other illegitimately gained money why not just wipe money. I feel like a wipe would just anger a lot of people as well. like I'm new I just started making money and now a wipe without much warning. it just doesn't make sense. plus the richer people are the more tools they have to roleplay so to reset everyone would mean roleplay would be less diverse. if new players need a chance why not just make ruby a greenzone. new players can put their feet in the ground without getting bullied by gangs. The economy would be fucked for a few days with all the big gangs just doing runs over and over again blocking new players from doing anything. so I propose gone with the money let the new players get a safe place to make money and all the people who have grinded still keep their hard earned levels and maybe vehicles and houses. plus it would be a scramble to get all the houses and just imagine the gang funds. some gangs have a lot of money that they got from doing transport truck and caping mafia/cartel. and let me add. if you have already done the grind and started from the bottom on anzus. doing a wipe would mean that all the anzus veterans would just get bored because they would have to work all over just for it to wipe again in 4.0. so just wait to wipe it.
  3. i say wipe but keep levels. nobody wants to grind all over again. plus the server is fine as is.
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